today – happy quiet bliss

Today for me is about happy, quiet bliss.

I’m working on an ami for my brother (which I can’t show here yet – but I will, soon!)…

I’m enjoying the clear Autumn skies we’re having right now, and the lovely temperatures that accompany them…

Seeing this on Twitter and absolutely loving it…

Choosing yarn for my weekly mandala… It’s always a good thing when you use sparkly yarn – that’s a rule. ♥

Loving the home that we built together and counting my many blessings!

What does today look like for you?


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  1. Ermm heavenly xxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. Spotted the lit ‘rug on Pinterest too recently, it is a great idea! Love the sparkly yarn. Looking forward to seeing your latest project.

  3. Pretty, can’t wait to see your weekly mandala! Love that last picture!
    Kate :}

  4. Love your pics!! I’ve had a horrible horrible day. And seeing this makes me feel a little better again. Thanx.

  5. What a pretty post and pretty yarn for your new project. Heather