my creative family

Hello! :)

I think I may have mentioned this a few times before: I have a very an insanely creative family.

And one of the members is my lovely aunt, Monica, and recently I visited her with the sole purpose of taking pictures, so I could show you guys what she does! :)

Upon entering her home, I was greeted by this guy:

That’s Gideon everybody! :) He’s my aunt & uncle’s teckel and he is very cheeky. He was following me everywhere I went, and he kept placing these chewed on bits of stuffed animal on my feet, for me to throw away so he could catch them!

One of the first things that caught my eye was this painting on the wall. Yes, my aunt said, I made that myself…

Amazing! I love how the water looks.

But then, I spotted a basket with something knitted in it…

What, you knit too? Of course! :) Before I could take this project out of it’s basket and photograph it, she showed me this little pup she crocheted, which is totally adorable since it’s a mini version of her own dog!

Too cute! :D

Back to the knitting. It turns out it’s a tunic made from a Drops pattern, with a crochet front panel. I love it!

I might have to commission her to make me one too; I absolutely love the yarn and the colors she chose.

There was more in the basket though:

This very funky looking crochet vest, for which she pretty much made up a pattern. Can you believe it? :)

This statue of a violinist is also something she made. Yes, I’m serious…

I love this one. She used some kind of fabric stiffener and an old t-shirt to make this.

Next up was her crafty space, upstairs.

It looks just like my space! :D On her desk was a little iron, and I asked her what it was for.

Apparently, you can paint with wax. Paint. Wax. Yessir. I had no idea!

This is called encaustic art, and you basically melt pieces of colored wax on your iron and then paint with it, to create beautiful things like this…

Absolutely stunning!

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my aunt’s creative life! :) I have a lot more creative family members, and I’m hoping to visit them all very soon!


ps Alright, one more pup pic:


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  1. Monica sounds about perfect! Aren’t you lucky to have such a lovely Aunt. I want to go and play at her house.
    Happy Weekend,

  2. that encaustic was really stunning!

  3. Who, how nice to read about yourself in a blog of one of my most favourite niece.
    And the photo’s are wonderful :-)
    And Meredith,…your welcome.

  4. Wow! Sarah, you are all so talented. Did your Aunt go to Art School or is she just naturally blessed with creative genes? I absolutely love that crochet top too!

  5. Wow, your Aunt is super creative and talented with so many different mediums!! And her dog is adorable!

  6. Oh my what an amazing family.. theres a strong talent gene in there… what type of fabric stiffener did your aunt use for the doll.. I’ve been looking for a good one!

  7. Coming out of lurk to say that I’m amazed by the melted crayon painting. Your family is beyond talented!!!! Thanks for sharing with us.

    I also wanted to say that although I haven’t posted before, I’ve been really inspired by the work you do. I’ve nominated your blog for Beautiful Blogger and Reader Appreciation awards. See the link below — I promise … this is not spam. :D

  8. Gideon is adorable and the mini version of him too:) What a creative family and so full of talent. Lovely post to read and dito pictures to see, thanks for sharing.
    Have a great weekend!