today – gloomy

Hello everyone! :)

I hope you all had a great weekend. Me and D wanted to go to a pumpkin patch yesterday, but just before we left we found out that they’re closed on Sundays :(

Today is gloomy. The weather here is rainy, very cold and just… grey. Oh, and to make it worse, check out what I found on my bedroom window this morning…

Aaaaargh! There’s a giant crack in the window! :(

Thankfully I’m insured for stuff like this, but they have to order this particular window size and estimate we’ll get a new one in about three weeks. Sigh.

But, sitting inside while the wind rages outside has it’s perks! :) Such as enjoying my morning (and midday, and evening) latte in my favorite vintage cup from Arcopal…

And I get to make something for myself with this scrumptiously, delicious yarn!

I’m hoping to transform this cake into a pair of mittens today :)

How’s your day going so far?


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  1. Oh no, your window!!! But I LOVE your cup and that yarn is so pretty!!! Good luck with your mittens!

  2. It is definitely a Yarn Therapy kind of day here too. Curl up and enjoy. xxx

  3. We’ve got the cold, rainy, gloomy day here too. Yuck. I’ll also be staying in and crocheting too. Enjoy your day. :)

  4. I hope the window survives the wind! :) I long to see your mittens to be, looks like a lovely yarn!

  5. Its never gloomy when I receive a post from you Wink!

    Loving the blog x