weekly mandala – week 5: leaves

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Hello! :)

This week’s inspiration wasn’t hard to find. It’s definitely Autumn out there! Because I was a silly goat and decided to stay in on one of the most gorgeous Autumny, sunny days of the week (and thus missing all the cool photo ops), I took my inspiration from a pre-existing photo ;)

The photo:
fall autumn leaves

The mandala, made with Drops Paris cotton yarn and my trusty 4mm hook:
week 5 weekly crochet mandala autumn leaves

And the planning (which I will blog about soon in more detail):
weekly crochet mandala planning week 5

Now normally I’m not such a fan of blue. I don’t know why; it’s just not a color that I’m eager to grab whenever I’m rummaging around in my stash. I intentionally chose this photo because it forced me out of my comfort zone and into using blue, and I also thought it was a different view on Autumn! :) Which was certainly needed after last week’s hues of oranges and browns ;)

Oh and if anyone is interested; I plan on releasing a free pattern for these mandalas soon! :)


ps Check out my other mandala’s here!

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  1. I love this and the photo too… and how wonderfully brave you have been to select something challenging in your colour choice.. i know how big a step that is for someone as sensitive as you.. gentle smiles and hugs xx

  2. Lovely as always! I think you’re doing a fantastic job with the blues!!
    Kate :}

  3. Oh that’s so lovely! I love the colors, and your Mandala too.

  4. I loooooove the colors! :) They are so totaly me. Funny how your colors are so different from mine ;)

  5. I think this mandala is really beautiful!!!!
    xxx alessandra

  6. I LOVE blue. And your inspiration photo is… very VERY pretty… I want a wooden wall with a climbing vine just like that at the end of my house. I am taken by your mandalas… They are really uplifting and beautiful.♥♥♥

  7. I just love your mandalas! Thank you for sharing your pattern. So far I have done granny mandalas and that has been fun too!
    I love the way you get inspiration from the things you see around you! That last nature inspired mandala of leaves on the turquoise painted fence is beautiful. I shall be interested in seeing how you plan your rows of colour in the future blog entry you mentioned.
    The standing stitch and Sarah London’s invisible join are the best!
    I already have an idea for a mandala inspired by a reflection I saw recently and which you can see here:http://reflectionsandnature.blogspot.ch/2012/11/photo-heart-connection-october.html
    Wishing you a creative and inspiring day!