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Hi everyone! :)

I think I may have mentioned before that I was working on some simple mittens, using this yarn:
scheepjes noorse sokkenwol colour
This is one skein of Scheepjes (Noorse Sokkenwol Colour, colorway 967) wound into a cake.

I wanted to make some mittens, because I thought that crocheting gloves would be too much of a hassle, with all those fingers to make! ;) And I also think that  gloves might be better when knit. Just a personal preference :)

So, mittens it is! This is the free pattern I used, Mrs. Murdock’s mittens (photo c/o to

And this is how mine came out! :)
crochet mittens
They’re really soft yet sturdy, and certainly do the job in terms of keeping my fingers warm!
crochet mittens
The pattern was easy to follow with clearly marked parts for different sizes. The pattern comes with preschool, kids and women sizes. I had to adjust mine slightly; I made the thumb 3 rounds longer as well as the top part where your fingers go – I have very long fingers :)
I made them with a 4mm hook, and got exactly one pair out of the skein! I literally had 4 inches left when I was done. Phew!
crochet mittens
crochet mittens
As you can see, they are quite ‘fluffy’. There’s a lot of fuzz on them, especially on the parts that tend to get a lot of wear. I hope they survive the winter. I kind of expect them to start felting a little too, since they’ve already seen some rain! ;)

Oh and wouldn’t you know it; when D and me got back to our apartment after taking these pictures, look what we found!
stray glove
A stray! I’m always baffled by this. Because you always only see one glove, not two. You think someone would notice that there is one glove missing, right?


ps My new hair by the way freakishly matches the pink of the stray glove we found…
winkieflash new hair

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  1. Hi Tink! I’m lovin’ the glovin’! Hmmm… that looks a bit odd written down but it sounded good to me :) Love your pink hair too… x

  2. ps: Are you allowed to give a pattern linky? :)x

  3. Your mittens are beautiful! Thank you for sharing.

  4. They look lovely and warm, I think I might have to make myself some!

  5. Your new hair is AWESOME! Love the mittens.

  6. Wow! Your hair is amazing, I love it. Those mittens are fantastic, thank you for sharing the link. I can’t wait to crochet some mittens now.

  7. Hi Wink.
    I loved your new hair :)) Good change! I also love the hat and took the liberty of adding your photo to my fbk account – it’s well identified :)
    Take a look at it here –
    Kiss, Nena M.

  8. Je haar is geweldig en je wanten en je muts zijn prachtig! Dank voor de link!

  9. oh thanks for the link, i was just looking for some pattern
    yours are so pretty