made: bible covers


So, something completely different today. A while ago I made a cover for my own Bible, with fabric and pieces of paper that inspired me:
bible cover fabric paper
It only just fits and it makes my Bible very bulky, but I love it anyway :) The people at our Bible study group noticed the cover and I got to make two more!

This one is for the person who leads the smaller discussion groups. She always talks about her love for God, so when I found this stack of felt hearts I had lying around, I knew they were for her!
bible cover
bible cover

The second one was for a friend I met at the group. She asked me to make her a cover for their family Bible. What an honor! They really like purple, so I came up with this:
bible cover
bible cover
bible cover

I just love this fabric. They’re actually left-overs from a skirt I made this Summer! I used some craft foam to sew the beads on and attached some stars, to represent the entire family; mom, dad and their two daughters.

I had a lot of fun making these covers! I love just diving into my fabric stash and sewing everything together that I like. And it’s very rewarding; the recipients both loved their Bible covers :)


ps This is the skirt I made in the Summer:
circle skirt

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  1. What a wonderful post… and some great ideas for Christmas presents too… you have so much talent and love inside you.. xxx

  2. Your bible covers are just perfect. Very nice idea. :)

  3. Those bible covers look fantastic, they would look great on diaries and journals too :)

    I love your skirt, it is very you :)

  4. Very Nice!! And the skirt is cute, too!!

  5. So pretty and creative! I might have to make one for mine! Beautiful skirt! xo Heather

  6. beautiful work, wink! I would like to make one for my Bible, too, but don’t know it would look half as lovely as yours. So beautiful.