today – new views

Hi everyone! How was your weekend?

Check out what my world looked like this morning… It looks either like something from a romantic chick flick, or a horror movie, I can’t decide! ;) It didn’t snow last night but it was so hazy this morning, a very thick fog covered everything. It did freeze, so the roofs are covered in a thin white layer… Absolutely mesmerizing.

I don’t normally take pictures of my view at 8am, but I had to get up early this morning because my bedroom window was being replaced! After it cracked 3 weeks ago the glass company immediately ordered a new one and it was being put in today.

And let me tell you, if you live in an apartment on the third floor; replacing a window is somewhat of an operation!

First, you need something like this. It looks like a normal, giant truck:

Except that it’s not just a truck, it’s a transformer!

Yup, it’s THAT big!

But once that puppy is raised, all that there’s left to do is take out the old window, clearly cracked…

…lift up the new one…

…and place it!

Things I learned from getting a new bedroom window:
1. It takes longer for the crane to unfold then to place the actual window;
2. The men who place the window are wild savages who don’t seem to know how easily a window can crack if you ‘accidentally’ hit it with a hammer (thank God it didn’t break again);
3. The savages always have dirty shoes, and they don’t clean up after themselves.

But, after we mopped the floors and cleaned up, we have never had such a clean view of the world from our bedroom ever before :)

Oh, and some special thanks to this guy, who operated the crane and was in no way a savage because he did his absolute best on getting the window where it was supposed to:

Yes people, thus is the exciting life of a home owner ;)

I promise I’ll be back with crochet related blog posts later this week!


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  1. Zo, dat was een flinke operatie! goed dat er een glasverzekering bestaat ;) geniet van je krasvrije uitzicht. <3

  2. My goodness, who knew it was this big of a process. Glad your view is clear and sparkling now.

  3. ROFL “thanks to the non-savage”!! XD
    Je bent zeker ook blij dat er op het nieuwe raam geen ouderbollige plakfolie zit? ;)

  4. Great post! Enjoy the view! Regula

  5. Wow – my boy would have loved that truck! I’ll show him after school. Thanks for sharing it! x