my creative family part 2

Hellooo! :)

I’ve mentioned my creative family on several occasions now (here and here), but I have yet to show you this.

It’s no secret that my family comes from an insanely creative gene pool, but my uncle is definitely the one that has the most creative vibes.

He works a fulltime job as a printer, but also finds the time to read, watch (bad) TV, play as an extra in movies and commercials, write his own novel, paint celebs, historic figures and airplanes, and design and make his own costumes. All in a day’s work, right?

Last weekend he opened his first art show, and I was invited.

My uncle welcomed us and then took us on a journey through his amazing story as a painter.

He started with the first painting he did, ever.
bert olsder first painting

I couldn’t believe my ears and my eyes when he told us that! He jokingly said that he thought it wasn’t too shabby for a first try. I’ll say!

My uncle is somewhat of an aviary enthusiast, so he paints a lot of these:
bert olsder airplane painting
bert olsder airplane painting

But his main source of inspiration comes from… women.

Beautiful women, like Sophia Loren…
bert olsder sophia loren painting

Marilyn Monroe…
bert olsder marilyn monroe painting

bert olsder europa painting

bert olsder nefertiti painting

Paris Hilton…
bert olsder paris hilton painting

Wait, what? Paris Hilton?

Yup! My uncle got commissioned to do a painting of Paris as a mid-century lady, by her friend AfroJack. This is a picture of the reproduction, the original now hangs on Paris’ wall! Seriously, how cool is that :)

I could fill another blog post completely with all the amazing paintings he’s done. Where he finds the time to do all this completely eludes me!

There was one painting in his show that was very special to me, and I’m saving that one for another time. There’s a great story behind it, too :)

I’ll just leave you with a picture of my aunt & uncle in their handmade costumes:
bert and diana olsder in handmade costumes

I love being part of this amazing family! ♥


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  1. Prachtige Post! Zo bekijk ik onze familie niet vaak, maar je hebt gelijk, we zijn een bijzonder stel mensen bij elkaar, Bert voorop.

  2. I’m amazed by his talent!

  3. It must be in the genes to be so talented… explains where you get it from at least! kisses x

  4. Geen woord te veel gezegd! Bijzonder-Mooi!

  5. Oh my goodness!! Your Uncle is incredibly talented, and must lead a most interesting life! I can’t wait to see this other painting you mentioned!
    Kate :}

    • I think he has the most interesting life in our family too! And the other painting has such a rich story, it merits a separate blog post. You’ll love it :)

  6. Ik krijg er rode oortjes van… Wat een eer om zo in je blog te staan. Hartelijk dank voor de enorme veer in m’n jeweetwel.

    Je crea oom :-)

  7. Just awesome…those paintings are gorgeous…u r one lucky girl to have such a talented family..