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Hi everyone!

As some of you have noticed, I now have ads available on my blog! :) And not those annoying, helpful to no-one ads that are completely irrelevant to all of you, no. I asked some of my bloggy friends if they were interested in advertising here, and they said yes! :)

Check out the ads on the right hand side of my blog. And for those of you who aren’t acquainted, I asked the ladies to introduce themselves. Please welcome them! :)

crafts from the cwtch
Crafts from the Cwtch began as a way of noting the yarns, patterns and techniques I came across whilst learning to knit and crochet in 2011. Little did I realise that writing a blog would become as much of a hobby as the crafts! I blog several times a week, still about knitting and crochet, but also about books, family life and anything else that feels relevant. Crafts from the Cwtch now has over 16,000 hits per month and an international readership.
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crochet saved my life 
Kathryn Vercillo is a crafty-loving storyteller who is committed to using her writing skills to give voice to people and ideas that are underrepresented. She is the blogger behind Crochet Concupiscence where she promotes all aspects of the artistic craft. She is also the author of Crochet Saved My Life, a book about the mental health benefits of crafting. She is based in San Francisco.
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hazel’s crochet
Hello! I am Hazel. I started teaching myself how to crochet in August 2011, and I have been hooked ever since! I opened my crochet blog a month later when I found out that there was a little craft blog community, which I have learned many interesting things about crochet and other peoples’ lives. I have gained so many lovely blog friends in the past year, and it feels great being able to share my hobby online with so many wonderful people. I also have a little ambition as I hope at some point to launch a little etsy shop to sell my crochet things and make other people happy.
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signed with an owl
Signed With an Owl is a place where I like to share my crafting projects, some of which include crochet, embroidery, paper crafts, a little woodworking, and who knows what next?!  My most popular posts right now are my crochet pattern tutorials.  I hope to inspire and help others as a way of giving back for all the inspiration I’ve gotten from creative minds around the world, but most importantly I want to have fun along the way!
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curious little bird
My name is Melanie, and I’m a full time entrepreneur. I started my business back in June 2011 on a part time basis, and officially full time in November, 2011. I’ve been participating in a government entrepreneur program since November, which has helped me to write my business plan, and now I’m currently learning how to sell. I love making monsters because I’m a big kid at heart, and because they’re so darned cute.
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de hobbystoffeerster
I love my hobby, just like my friend “A Creative Being” Marinke does. Let’s say it’s almost our lifestyle. She loves (and lives) yarn and I loooove furniture. New or old, cult or tacky- if it meets at least some design standard, I’ll love it. Untill now I’ve been collecting second hand furniture to save. I took it home, gave it a new upholstery (in dutch: stoffering) and some new paint. That’s what I learned at college and now it comes in handy in my quest to recycle and renew furniture. Now my house is full of saved chairs, hockers and tables. In 2011 I turned to my friends and offered to refurbish their chairs. They accepted eagerly and they liked the results. Since then I’ve been looking for more friends to refurbish their furniture. It’s been going well so far :)
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a bag full of crochet
A Bag full of Crochet is a small business owned by Stephanie Davies. It is dedicated to the love of crochet, excellent craftsmanship and originality. A Bag full of Crochet is based on the east coast of South Africa and most products are made with South African yarns. As yet there is no online store but Stephanie is looking at various options. If you wish to stay in touch with what’s happening you can follow her blog and/or facebook fan page.
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a stash addict
I started dyeing my own yarn, not just because I wanted to create something individual and unique, but because I wanted to connect and really enjoy the whole process of knitting a project. You may have noticed all my collections have a whimsical/fantasy theme, this is partly because I am believer in creating your own magic and partly because I wanted each stitch to engage the user and get them really excited about the project they are planning to making instead of focusing on the finished object, after all they say Life is about the journey, not the destination, so take time and really enjoy each and every stitch and watch the magic in my colours unfold before your very eyes!
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I hope you liked meeting these wonderful people, be sure to pay them a visit :)

If you’re interested in sponsoring my blog, check out my sponsor page here. And I have a good deal for the first-timers too: use promocode ‘celebrate’ to receive 50% off your first ad! This goes for all ad sizes, including the XL spot, which is the best spot there is :)

If you need any help designing an ad, drop me a line at winkieflash[at]gmail[dot]com, and I’ll make one for you :)


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