vintage camera finds

I had some time to go thrifting this week, and I hit the jackpot!

Well okay, maybe not the jackpot, but I was pretty stoked to find a whole bunch of awesome looking vintage cameras :)

As my blog is growing I’ve been getting into photography more and more. I recently got my first DSLR and taking photos is now a part of my daily life. And I love doing it! :) I love sharing wonderful things with you all.

The first one I found was this gem, a Kodak Instamatic 233.
kodak instamatic 233
It’s super cute and in great condition! Unfortunately they don’t make the film for this camera anymore.

Another one I found that needs the same kind of film is this one, the Agfa Isomat Rapid.
agfa isomat rapid
It’s also in great condition. Too bad I can’t use it.

But, I also found a camera that takes film that they actually still make, an Agfa Silette!
agfa silette pronto
This camera is super cool. See that little red dot at the bottom? That’s the self timer! :) You slide it to the left, and when you press down on the shutter you hear a rattling sound (which is the cog moving) until it snaps a picture. How awesome! Lot’s of options on this camera too.

A friend of D and me heard about my vintage finds (because I had been spamming it on Facebook of course) and he knew his dad had some gems up in his attic. So he looked them up and gave them to me! Thank you so much! :)

One of the treasures from the attic was this camera, a Konika C35.
konika c35
This is another camera that takes regular film. Yay! This one is pretty straight forward, with minimal settings, and with a zoom lens.

There also were some SLR lenses. I can’t mount them on my DSLR unfortunately, so I’m hoping in the future I’ll find a vintage SLR that will take them! (here’s to hopin’!)
minolta 70-120
minolta 70-120
This is a Minolta 70-120 lens in excellent condition. I squeed when I saw this one!

pentor 135
pentor 135
And this is a Pentor 135 lens. And yes, I believe that is duct tape across it ;) I’m not sure if this one is still functional, because something is loose in there. But it still looks rockin’, don’t you think?

Oh, and there was also a Super 8 cam in there!
eumig mini 3 super 8
eumig mini 3 super 8
This is an Eumig Mini 3 handheld camera. It comes with a handle that you can screw into the bottom of the cam so you can actually hold it like a gun when you’re filming :) There’s still a film in this camera – I wonder if I can get it developed?

vintage cameras

I loaded the Agfa Silette and the Konika C35 with regular film (400 and 200 ISO), and I can’t wait to see what comes out when I get the pictures developed! I’m planning on shooting all day tomorrow and then get them developed as soon as possible. I’m not a very patient person ;)

I hope you enjoyed this geeky vintage camera post! :)


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  1. Hi Sweetie! Have you though about searching for films for your vintage camera at lomography stores? sometimes they have them or know where to find them. I love each and every camera you have here! I love cameras and this are exactly my style, simple and yet with a very clean awesome design! Have fun with them!

    • Hi Sara! :) I did actually contact my local photoshop for more info but they didn’t have any of the old films anymore. I found some on eBay but they were generally kind of expensive… But I’ll try your suggestion! Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. This is definitely a jackpot, if you ask me. I love surrounding myself with vintage cameras. I have a couple in my collection so far, but I’d be excited if I found a whole slew of them like yours. Very cool!