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Hi everyone, thanks for popping by! :) I hope you’re having a great Sunday.

It’s getting chilly, and what more could you need to feel snug as a bug in a rug? An overload of pillows! :)

1. This pattern was in Crochet Today a year ago and I love it for being so different. You could appliqué your pillows like this with a multitude of designs! :)

2. By Sarah London, I consider this pillow a true classic. I made one in different shades of blue and lilac for my sofa, and it still gets a lot of ooh’s and ah’s!

3. There seems to be a trend going around in crochet pillow land (and yes that’s a real country) ; animal pillows! I love this cute birdie by One and Two Company:

4. And how adorable is this penguin pillow! I want like ten of them all together on my couch :) By Peanutbutterdynamite on Etsy.

5. Or cats. Everybody loves cats, right? By Zolayka on Etsy.

I was hoping to go outside today and snap some pics with my vintage camera’s, but I ended up being a total hermit and staying inside! But in my defense, there was some rain, and it was cold, and there was hot chocolate in the house and gingerbread cake… Surely you would’ve stayed inside too? ;)

Stay tuned as I announce the winner of the giveaway tomorrow; there’s still time to enter! :)


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