today – crafty spirits

Hi everyone! :)

Are you in full-on crafting mode yet? I certainly am! It’s not that I planned to make everybody something handmade for Christmas this year, but I do want to make some things myself! I also have some customer orders that need finishing, so I think it’s safe to say that I am definitely in the crafty spirit! :)

Snow has hit us hard this week. I don’t mind the snow, I like it a lot! :) And living on the top floor of an apartment building has it’s perks this time of year, like amazing views when you wake up in the morning…

Views like this also make it a treat to sit inside and enjoy the little things such as a working heater, hot coco, early Christmas candy and of course: happy hooky bliss! :)

In between finishing orders and making things for others, I found some time to test CAROcreated‘s latest and greatest mandala pattern, no 3! It’s an intricate design which has a big mandala in the center surrounded by 6 smaller ones. She really outdid herself this time! :) Some phone pics I snapped while working on it:

I haven’t finished it yet but I will soon :)

Oh and some good news for everyone who loves the overlay crochet mandalas; next year I will host a second Mandala CAL! :) This time we’re making mandala no 2.

I hope you all have a lovely crafty weekend! ♥


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  1. whoo! I will make sure I participate in the next mandala CAL!

    I can’t wait to start making mandala no.3 though, getting finished with all the Christmas gift making can’t come soon enough! I’m liking the colors you’re using :)

  2. Beautiful views and i love your new project.