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Hi everyone, thanks for popping by! :) I hope you’re having a great Sunday.

I think it’s amazing how many people can take something simple like crochet and transform it into something entirely different. There are people that can crochet animals that are so lifelike it’s scary, and there are people that get inspired by the things we crochet.

So for today’s Pins I thought I’d share some inspirational links, all found on Pinterest and all inspired by crochet! :)

1. I love this illustration by Michaila Kapaskeli. Double crochet, it really says it all! Found here.

2. When you heart crochet, you crochet hearts. This is a new swing on a well known shape! Found here.

3. There is such a thing as nerg-gurumi? I had no idea! This little guy however is definitely at the top of my to-do list; what a cutie! :) Found here.

4. Oh, the interwebs… It inspires us but sometimes it distracts us even more! This tote is spot on. Found here.

5. And who doesn’t love pincushions? This one is funny and functional. And cute. Really, you can’t go wrong here! :) Found here.

I have been having a lovely Sunday so far; I did a bit of sleeping in, had a good breakfast/brunch/meal thing, did some crafting, blogging now and hoping to get some crocheting done today too! :) I have the BEST inspiration for this week’s mandala; I hope I can make it happen! :)


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  1. Heerlijk he, zo’n luie zondag! Wish the rest of the week would be the same…

  2. I love your header with all your beautiful mandala. That swirly heart is great too. Thank you for the link!

  3. So happy to see our illustration on your Pinterest finds!!! Glad you like it ♥