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Hello my sweet blog readers! :)

How has the weekend treated you all so far?

My weekend was pretty good; we hung out with some friends, had some good food (artichokes! ♥), visited some family, checked out out my brother’s new house and even opened up some early Christmas presents!

I’ve been seeing a lot of Christmas decorations in my RSS-feed lately and it occurred to me that I haven’t shown you my Christmas tree yet :) I put mine up about a week ago and even though it’s the same as last year, I still love it.

Yummy happy colors in our tree! :) I love the big flocked colored ornaments; they look good enough to cuddle!

This is our tree in full. It’s not very tall; we have it standing on our coffee table to make it stand out more, but everybody loves it when they see it :)

Oh by the way, the trick to taking pretty pictures of your tree is setting your ISO really high, like 3200, or 6400 and higher if your camera is willing, and using a tripod and a long exposure value. Play around with the settings until you get the desired result! :)

We burn a lot of candles in winter (because it adds warmth to our living room and because it looks so cozy!) and I usually put doilies under all of them. The other day I found a huge stack of doilies that I completely forgot about (I know, how did that happen right?) and I put the candle on all of them. And you know what? It looks really cool! :)

I hope I brought a little warmth to your living rooms today! :)


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  1. Ah! Your tree is so pretty! We put ours up today, I love it, feels so Christmasy now!
    Karen x

  2. Beautiful tree and even better pictures!! Thanks for the tip with the camera – I have to see if I can change the setting of mine (it’s an automatic one)

    Have a great week!

    (and may your Christmas be white… *gg*)

  3. Your tree is so neat. I love your stack of doilies too!

  4. I love your tree! And your flocked ornaments!

  5. Your tree is fantastic!! Love it!
    Kate :}