my 12 fav posts of the year

Hi everyone! :)

Just before the new year is beginning I wanted to share my favorite posts of this year with you! So here goes: my 12 favorite posts of 2012 :)

12. Granny Stripe Blanket
I finally finished this blanket after being a WIP for a year! This was my first big crochet project and it has brought me many hours of happy hooky bliss, and upon completion has brought me many hours of happy snuggly moments too! :)


11. Fat Bottom Bags Pt. 3
I made two of these this year and this one is by far my favorite. Made from lovely skeins of Noro Silk Garden, this bag gets a lot of daily usage! It’s the perfect size to hold your standard items and gets a lot of looks :) It is also my most expensive bag; I think I ended up using 6 skeins of Noro to complete this baby…


10. Stripe Study Shawl Tadah
Sarah from Crafts from the Cwtch was having a KAL to knit the popular Stripe Study Shawl, and even though I wasn’t a knitter she convinced me that I could do it. And she was right! :) It took me a month to complete but it is one of my most satisfactory projects ever.


9. Overlay Mandala Fun
And then I discovered the Overlay Mandala, and I was hooked! This was one of my most popular posts of this year. I have since made a lot of overlay mandalas and they never bore me or become dull :)


8. Mandala CAL
I decided to do a CAL with the overlay mandala pattern and it was a hit! Lots of people joined in and the most fun part for me was when everyone finished their mandalas and it was time to vote… Even though they were all amazing and it was impossible to pick only one! :)


7. At The Craft Fair
I attended and vended another craft fair this year and had a blast. Even though I didn’t sell that many items, I had a great day meeting all the other vendors and marveling over their amazing products!


6. Tools Of The Trade
I thought it would be fun to do a tools-only post, showing you my most used and loved crochet hooks and scissors!


5. Free Pattern: Groovy-Ghan!
My blog almost exploded when I uploaded the free pattern to this wonderful vintage afghan! :) It is still one of my most viewed posts to date and has received a lot of love from Pinners, Facebookers and other wonderful people who share.


4. Crochet Saved My Life

I was a part of Crochet Conpusicence’s book titled ‘Crochet Saved My Life’ and shared my personal story on my blog. Even though it was a hard post for me to write and share, the responses were nothing short of amazing. I was truly touched by all the wonderful comments that you all left, and I love you all!


3. Free Pattern: Mandala!
crochet circle round three
I shared this pattern with you: my go-to way of crocheting a standard 12-round flat circle, used for my Weekly Mandala projects! :)


2. Weekly Mandala – Week 9: Lolita
weekly crochet mandala planning
The Weekly Mandala project started this year and it is one of my favorite moments in the week! This mandala, inspired by a vintage book cover is one of my favorites. I intend to continue this project in the new year! :)


1. Weekly Mandala – Week 10: Garima Dhawan
My most favorite post of this year has to be my crochet painting! This was done as a part of my Weekly Mandala series, where I recreated a painting by the talented Garima Dhawan by making 16 tiny mandalas and adding them to canvas. Certainly the most arty thing I’ve done this year; I plan on making more crochet paintings! :)


It certainly has been a fun year, hasn’t it? :) I fully intend to continue in this fashion, blogging weekly about all the things that inspire me!


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  1. Gorgeousness! You’ve had a wonderful colourful creative year. I was already planning to do a list of my favourite posts tomorrow but mine will look rather bland after this!!!! :D

  2. What a colorful year you had, I’m looking forward to more of this 2013! (If I was forced to decide, I’d pick your Groovy-Ghan as my favorite. Or the Mandalas. Also loved your post about Crochet saved my Life. And all the rest. *gg*)

  3. Wat word ik toch vrolijk van jouw blogpost! Zoveel mooe haaksels, jummie!
    Ik ben fan hoor! ;)
    Alvast een fijne jaarwisseling en een wolvol :) 2013!

  4. Hello! I’m french and i love that you do. You can be proud of you !

  5. So many lovely things! I have only discovered your blog very recently so missed most of these projects, but I will be looking back through your posts to read all about them now!! I especially love the groovy-ghan and the overlay mandala! Thanks for sharing your lovely photos x x

  6. It looks like you had a super fun year of crafting. I can’t wait to see what you come up with for the new year!

    • It does look that way, doesn’t it Cassandra? :) Thanks for visting, and I’ll do my best to be at least as creative next year!

  7. What a lovely way to reflect on your year by putting up your favourite posts, and how gorgeous they all are! Happy New Year!

  8. Such a wonderful year and so many amazing projects, Wink! Wishing you another great year :)