the wish list

Yes, I did it too: I made a list of goals for 2013. So shoot me ;)

I have no idea if I can do all of this in a year. It’s not really about that; it’s more a list of things I want to accomplish, EVER. Raising the bar? Yes. Aiming a little too high? Definitely! Wouldn’t aiming for the low-hanging fruit be better? Absolutely, but where’s the fun in that? ;)

So this is what my list looks like (minus a few things that I worry I might jinx if I tell you…):

1. Continue the weekly mandalas
Well, that’s a given really. I still have so much inspiration to make more and I continue to find amazing images (blog readers sometimes even send me images! how cool is that!).

2. Create more (free) patterns
Yes! I’m super inspired to create more awesome crochet patterns! I spent the days around the holidays filling my notebook with sketches and ideas, and I can’t wait to sit down and work them out so I can share them with you :)

3. Make printables
I’ve been wanting to do this for a while and I’ve got some cute ideas for this already :) I was thinking along the lines of gift tags, or checklists for knitters & crocheters to add to their WIP baskets? What you do think?

4. Finish ALL the WIPS! ;)
No really, I need to finish them before I can do anything else! Otherwise they’ll be forgotten as quickly as they were last year and end up in crochet limbo…

5. Learn continental knitting
After I finish my Color Affection Shawl (if I ever!) I want to teach myself to knit continental style, where you hold the yarn on your left instead of your right. It’s supposedly a lot quicker and if my knitting skills need anything, it’s speed!

6. Make a quilt
I’ve been pinning away on my Quilt Quilt Quilt board and there’s a lot of good stuff there! I have a sewing machine and some experience; surely I can make a small quilt?

See, my list isn’t all that difficult! It doesn’t even feature a weight-loss option, or a keep the office clean option…

Speaking of keeping the office clean, I *did* do some cleaning over the last week, and I found some FO’s that I never blogged about. Expect those items to be in the spot lights soon :)

I’m really looking forward to creating pretty things this year, and sharing it with you all!


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  1. Sounds good. I wish I was a geek,a crochet loving geek who knew how to link my blog with Pinterest and Instagram. Must be my age.
    Good luck with everything.
    Whilst the iron is hot I am going to tidy up my blog… Now,this minute.
    Thank you for the nudge in he right direction.
    Kindest Regards Linda

  2. These sound fun and I agree, what’s the point of aiming too low? I look forward to seeing you tackle WIPs. I myself like to keep several unfinished at any given time :).

  3. Always good to have a list! As for number 6, join BOM13! Bymiekk is having a block of the month 2013, each month a new patchworkblock and lessons online and by PDF. You can also order by bynaturale ( biologic fabrick) a package of fabric! I am also joining it and for 2013 i also have making a quilt on my list!

  4. You are a crocheter so there isn’t a problem when you pick up continental knitting. It’s the easiest method and works fine for me as an occasional knitter. All the best to your wish list. Yes, you can!

  5. I was a crocheter for a really long time before learning how to knit. My teacher taught us how to do continental knitting, and I’m so glad that she did! It’s so much easier than English style and much faster. Good luck to you!

  6. Great list – I am looking forward to ALL of that. Printables is a must! Marvellous! *gets popcorn and waits for the quilting to begin*

  7. Sounds like a great list! Best of luck, and I look forward to seeing everything!
    Kate :}

  8. What a great list! Pure creativity straight through… I should make a list like that too… Although I don’t need yet another list. I am a listoholic you see… I write lists all the time, but I hardly ever tick them off… So I am staying away from the New Year Resolution list this year. But maybe… maybe just a teeny tiny creative list… just 3 items? 4? 5? Maybe 10?