lost & found

So the other day I mentioned that during a recent clean-up, I found some FO’s that I hadn’t shared yet. There were quite a few things, and I plan on sharing each and everyone of them! :)

First up: wristies. Just as a warning; I made a lot of wristies in the past, and most of them I had lost; so get ready for a wristie-overload over the next few weeks, if you will.

These were made using a 4mm Tunisian crochet hook, and they’re my first pair of wristies ever. They are also my first Tunisian project ever, and even though I REALLY like the look of the fabric Tunisian crochet creates, and was super motivated to make more, I never did. My tension was very tight back when I learned to crochet, and it still was when I picked up the Tunisian hook. Needless to say after making a pair of wristies, my wrist and arm were killing me! Because Tunisian crochet involves having a lot of loops on your hook, combined with my tight tension it really made my hands sore. But, since my tension is perfect nowadays, I think I might try to make another pair! :)
Okay, looking more closely at these wristies, I might *have* to make another pair. These are kind of… rudimentary, if you catch my drift… I had no idea what I was doing back then, as clearly demonstrated by the seams! And the fact that one of the wristies is actually smaller than the other one… Oh well. They still look awesome when I wear them and really, finding old FO’s like these make me appreciate the road I’ve taken to get where I am today. (meaning perfect tension and the ability to start a pair of wristies with the *same* amount of start chains!)


Man, I wish I could remember when I got that yarn… it’s amazing! I love the colors! :)

Okay, I’m off to making myself another hot cup of tea with honey! I’ve been having a soar throat since Friday and even though my voice is almost back to normal, my throat still feels like it’s on fire…


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  1. Those are cute, and they look so easy to make. And that yarn is pretty awesome!

  2. Those are super amazing! I love the colours. Tunisian crochet is addictive…

  3. So cute! Love them!

  4. If those were one of your beginning projects I am most impressed, I love the yarn, very beautiful.

  5. they are gorgeous! When i do tunisian crochet for a sturdy project, i use the hook like mentioned on the label of the skein, and that is indeed a little stiff. But if it is for a garment (shawl, sweater, … mittens) i take a hook that is at least 1 mm thicker. It gives a supple flexible result and it’s still very beautiful. So if xx-yarn needs to be hooked with a 3,5mm, I’ll take a 4,5mm hook. It works also much easier and is less ‘hard’ for your wrists to hook.

  6. I love the stitch texture!

  7. I hope your sore throat is recovering well. Honey is my go-to when I have a sore throat as well. It just seems to make the world a better place.
    Those wristies are awesome! I love the yarn as well. I hope you find a substitute you can adore as much.

  8. I’ve never tried tunesian crochet but I’m becoming more and more curious! For normal projects I usually take hooks about 1-1.5 sizes bigger than indicated on the label. Only last night i tried to photograph something and I felt a blanket I created with hook 4.5 and one i created wth 6.0 and you could really feel the difference!

    Love, Kirsten

  9. By the way, for a sore throat you could try superol. It has been discontinued but a small pharmacy in Leiden still makes it… (Bik). it’s awesome, it works like some sort of disinfectant which you have to gurgle. It tastes badly but it works great!

  10. I love all the colors!

  11. OMG, I love these! Would you sell them to me? :) Pretty please?

    • Haha, are you serious? These old things? ;) I’d be happy to make you another pair, you know, a pair that has invisible seams and are both the same size! ;)

      • I’m totally serious. Whatever you want to do! I don’t want to make you work. Of course, if you make new ones, you can charge me more! Ha-ha. I really like that yarn though, so if you can’t find out what kind it is, I’d rather have the old ones. Email me for my address and send me yours so I can send your money. Yay!

      • I just realized you are overseas. I will pay the shipping too. Just let me know that cost too.

  12. Hi I often pop by to gaze in wonder at your mandalas…but today I have been captivated by your wristies – I love the texture the tunisian crochet gives to the yarn…which I think is probably Adriafil Knitcol in Monet….
    …one of my faves!
    Isn’t it great to stumble across something that shows how your work progresses with experience..
    Keep up the great colourful inspiration!