weekly mandala – week 11: handspun

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Hello! :)

This is the first weekly mandala of the year 2013, exciting times! :)

This week’s inspirational image comes from Monika over at Smoking Hot Needles. She spun this lovely skein made from some fiber samples she has been collecting:
copyright smoking hot needles

I immediately saved this image in my ‘mandala-to-be’-folder, knowing it would become a mandala some day. Well ladies, that day is today.

I love this mandala, like all new mandalas. This is my new favorite. It reminds me of a warm fire in a wooden cabin.

The closeup:

And the planning:
Seriously, this mandala is pure color therapy for when you’re feeling cold!


ps Click here to see all the mandalas I’ve made so far! 

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  1. Oh my that is about the most beautiful yarn I have ever seen, your mandala is perfect.

  2. Wow, gorgeous yarn into a gorgeous mandala, stunning!

  3. It’s strange to think that looking at color would make you so warm, but it’s true! This may be my favorite mandala of yours so far!

  4. It is sooo beautiful. And you just gave a great idea by keeping photos for future projects.

  5. This must be my favorite so far. So my colors. Gorgeous!!! Will drop you a line with a few questions from one blogger to another. Speak soon.

  6. Those colors are just beautiful! “Electric” comes to mind for me with this one. Really beautiful!! Well done.

  7. Oh wow! How did I miss that one? It’s gorgeous! I wonder what a Mandala with one of the Maggie photos I Posted today would look like?!

  8. Ohhh God !!!
    no words to express my feelings,such a fabulous colours !!
    How did I miss this post???anyways,Its just awesome !