lost & found – part 2

Hey everyone! :)

So the other day I mentioned that during a recent clean-up, I found some FO’s that I hadn’t shared yet. There were quite a few things, and I plan on sharing each and everyone of them! :)

After last week’s wristies, I have another pair to share today!
These wristies were made with Drops Paris cotton yarn, in rosy and shabby chique colors. They are actually a little too big for me, so I mostly wear them when I sit at my computer working. They do a fine job at keeping my hands warm :)
Unfortunately for these wristies, I left them lying around in the sun too long, and I never noticed it before until I took pictures this afternoon, but they have a serious case of discoloration…
This is bad news, because apparently this means that Drops Paris cotton yarn, my favorite cotton yarn, can’t handle sun too well!

But as long as I keep it out of direct sunlight, I still enjoy wearing them :)
You can find the pattern for these wristies on the Garnstudio website.

I hope you enjoy reading about all of my my ‘old’ projects! :)


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  1. They are really cute and the yarn just looks variegated in a nice soft, mellow way.

  2. I didn’t see any discoloration untill you mentioned it, but they still look stinkin’ cute :)

  3. Those are amazing! The discolouration makes them look even more amazing! Cute, cute, cute!

  4. They’re really pretty, the color is lovely!

  5. Lovely!! They are so cool

  6. Love these! The colors are very subtle but go together so well. And the stitching is very feminine and cute. :) Thanks for sharing!!

  7. Ze zijn mooi! En wat hebben wij een goede smaak, ;) ik haakte vorig jaar een sjaal in bijna precies dezelfde kleurtjes met dezelfde steek. :)

  8. Oh no, that is severely bad news about Drops Paris. I think you should e-mail them and show them the pics, they may do something to improve their product!! I am quite shocked at the discoloration :-S

  9. your wristwarmers look very comfy, I made them too, in turquoish blue.
    Inez, Ineseda.blogspot.com