weekly mandala – week 13: winter sky

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Hello! :)

Another sky picture this week. Remember when I thrifted some vintage camera’s? Well, some of them still work and I had the first roll of film developed the other week. If you like I can show you some of the pictures on that film; there are some gems in there!

But for this week’s mandala I choose this picture. It was the end of the afternoon on a very cold, cold day, and me and D had visited the deer near our house when I spotted this gorgeous sky. The sun was about to go down which caused the pinkish hue at the bottom of the photo… It was a magical moment.

The mandala:

The planning:
I tried to match the colors as close as possible. Drops Paris cotton yarn has a wide range of colors but unfortunately not that many muted colors.

But I still love it :) It’s my most pastel-looking mandala to date!

Mandala made using Drops Paris cotton yarn and a 4mm Clover hook, using this free pattern.


ps Click here to see all the mandalas I’ve made so far! 

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  1. Oeh, deze is wel heeel erg mooi! Precies mijn kleurtjes, behalve dat groen dan, maar dat staat er ook mooi bij. Misschien moet ik ook maar eens een mandala maken. Maar ja, wat doe ik er dan mee? ;) ik ben meer van de praktische haaksels, haha… Maar gewoon voor de mooi is ook niet verkeerd. :)

  2. Very pretty!! I’d love to see what else is on that roll of film!
    Kate :}

  3. Oooh those colors are so smooth and work so well together. Reminds me of ice cream. :)

  4. These colours make me feel fresh and cool. How wonderful x

  5. I love your mandallas they are pretty

  6. I’m loving the pastels! Lovely. I made a ton of these in a round granny stitch a couple of years ago. They were so fun.

  7. I love the colors on this one!

  8. Wow! I think this one is my favourite one! Love the dreamy blueish edge!

  9. Wow how pretty!! I found your blog through simply crochet on facebook, your mandala is just beautiful <3 I cant wait to look through the rest of your blog :)
    Did you use a program to create the mandala plan before you crocheted it? Or did you just freehand it? I love how its based on a photo :)

  10. I love those colors! Very pretty

  11. Beautiful! i love the pastel colours, and using the photo for inspiration is such an amazing idea!

  12. Thank you so much for your contribution to Simply Crochet. I’ve just read it and it explains the colour wheel really well. I usually just go for the bright stuff so this should help me at least choose bright colours that go well together!