lost & found – part 3

So I found this little guy the other day…

How cute is he? I can’t believe that I actually *lost* him!

I think I made him about a year ago, from some felting yarn I had just gotten at the time. I didn’t realize that it was felting yarn though, I just thought it was incredibly soft and pretty! :)
I made this bird just by crocheting a ball and then adding some things to it that may or may not resemble wings and feet ;)

So this was the last one of my lost & found posts; I hope you enjoyed them! And who knows – maybe I’ll have another sudden urge to clean up my workspace (as if!) and I’ll find some more crochet gems!


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  1. He’s very adorable and sweet!

  2. your little bird has the cutest, sweetest little face! As soon as the page opened, I ‘awww’d’. He’s adorable!

  3. Birdyful! He does look soft!
    Ali x

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