my weird way of crochet

Okay, so here’s a first for me: I made you guys a video! :)

Ever since I started to crochet, people have been telling me that I either ‘do it wrong’ or ‘do it weird’. Yup, and I have to live with that! I believe that everyone should crochet in the way they’re comfortable with, be it a knife hold, a pencil grip or a weird way. So I decided to make a video, to show you all just how weird my way is.

Turns out it’s not that weird, it’s just… really really fast! Oh my gosh, I had NO idea I was going so fast! I mean, there were people that have told me that I was crocheting like a mad woman, but I didn’t take them serious at all until I saw myself in this video. Holy guacamole!

If you like me to make more videos, let me know! I had a blast doing this one :)


PS Oh and please excuse my terrible Dutch accent… Something I have to work on for sure! ;)

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  1. Great! I’d like to be that speedy.

  2. Not quite sure why this is weird… I think I crochet just like that! Perhaps a bit slower, but that’s it!

  3. geeft niet .. zo haak ik ook!!! zal wel nederlands zijn..hahaha

  4. Awesome crochet and so lovely to hear your voice!!!! Please make more videos!!! :D

  5. it’s not weird Marinke! i do it the same as you. It is indeed the the fasted way to crochet.

  6. I can see nothing weird about it, except that speed! Wow, you move fast! I have more the speed you had in slow motion. :D Loved to here you, you have a beautiful voice.

  7. So fun! I love the accent :)

  8. I don’t think it is weird at all! Everybody hold their hook/yarn a different way, I usually keep my hook the same as you do, but I keep up my indexfinger to hold the yarn instead of wrapping it around other fingers as you do :) As long as it works for someone it’s the right way ;). You do crochet really fast though!

  9. Wow! It is really fast!
    I loved to hear your voice, it is so sweet. Please make more videos! :)

  10. I so loved your voice, your music and your style.. go Winkie go!!!

    More please x

  11. Holy cow–you are quick! I wish I could crochet that fast! I would love to see more videos. And P.S., your accent is awesome. Don’t try to change that. :)

  12. Yes yes yes..,,,its so great,how quick you are!!!!!

  13. Really fast work! Lovely!

  14. Very nice… greetings from Brazil!

  15. Oh wow!!! I LOVE watching people crochet and before you said it, I was thinking “Wow! Watch her go!” So fast!!! Thanks for sharing! I don’t crochet as fast as you but I don’t realise how I fast I crochet. I recently had to video a stitch for someone and only then realised I should slow it down to make sure they could tell what I was doing. You know what, I think it would be great to have a link party or something links to bloggers videos of them crocheting! Wouldn’t that be amazing? And you have a lovely accent too. There’s nothing to work on there. :)

  16. I love the videos. It’s helps me connect to a person much more than just reading their blog. You hold your yarn and hook the same as I do. I use to be fast but due to arthritis and fibromyalgia I’ve slowed down a lot but the love is still there :-)

  17. WoW!! You really are fast! Yes, each has to go with what works for them, we all have our own little weird way of doing things! Neat video.

  18. I’m so happy to see that I’m not the only one who crochets this way. I find it the most comfortable way to crochet. I’m not sure I have your speed but am getting better. I love the accent, at first I didn’t notice it because my family originally come from Holland so it sounded normal. Have a great day. <3

  19. I would LOVE it if you could video an overlay Mandela. Also visit me to see your blog in my sidebar.

    • Love your blog! And thanks for that suggestion – I will definitely do that! There’s an overlay mandala CAL coming up in a few weeks and I think videos can really help people out, so thanks! :)

  20. I used to crochet that fast all the time but my wrists can’t handle it as much anymore! Also, I love your voice, your accent isn’t terrible at all.

  21. Love your speed! It’s not weird, just fast. No wonder you can knock up your mandalas so quickly. I’m so jealous!

  22. Your accent is lovely, so is what you create :-)

  23. Awesome! Thanks for sharing!

  24. I crochet the same way just not quite as fast! How awesome! Thanks for sharing.

  25. Wow, that is fast! From what I can tell, I crochet the same way, but at a snails pace comparatively! Oh, and the accent isn’t terrible, it’s charming!

  26. WOW!!!
    That is insanely fast!
    I’m like a snail compared to you!
    Loved the video :)
    The music was cool too and you have a lovely voice!

  27. You have a very lovely blog. I enjoyed my visit. I used to be a faster crocheter. Alas, arthritis has slowed me down considerably. But, I won’t give-up!

  28. Yeah! I’m not the only one who holds my work and yarn that way! You are very fast!

  29. I crochet exactly the same way and have been told the same thing! It’s neat to see someone else hold it the same way I do. Everyone else holds theirs different. I like it that way because it makes my stitches tighter. It was more comfortable for me, too. :D <3

  30. Lovely accent! and great video :) I crochet exactly as you do, only interminably slow LOL at first I thought the video was speeding ;)

  31. I don’t think you crochet wierd at all….considering I crochet the same way you do!!! My mom crocheted that was too and she is the one who taught me to crochet over 30 years ago! My husband has also accused me of crocheting like a mad woman so I guess I’m pretty speedy too! Love the accent!

  32. love the things you have here i am posing your page on my crochet page i have on facebook i have blog but i still have not figured out my email addy for it yet lol im still working on that love your mandalas :)

  33. your accent is cute :)

  34. My mom had taught me how to crochet when I was a young girl. Fast forward to when I was a young adult, I had asked her to show me how to work a pattern and as I started, she threw her hands up in the air and said I was crocheting all wrong. Uhhh…. anyway – I’m so glad that you and I crochet the same way! Now I don’t feel all weird about it anymore. :D

  35. Whoa!! You do crochet fast! I thought I crocheted fast but I think you beat me. Lol. Accents are awesome btw!! It’s really nice to put a voice with the face now! :) Make more videos. ;)

  36. You are so fast!!! Thank you for all you teach me. My name is Cecilia, I am from Argentina. A big kiss for you!!!