52 lists – week 4



A lovely list this week, and fun to fill out: list your current & future goals & dreams! I had never really thought about my goals & dreams before I started blogging. I was a ‘take it one day at a time’ kind of gal. But I have to say; listing your dreams and goals is very fun, and very helpful! It’s really great to see your goals right in front of you, and know you can achieve most of them, if not all of them!
To download the list for this week head on over to Moorea Seal. You can also link up your blog post there, and check out other people’s lists.


PS Thank you SO MUCH for your kind words on my video the other day! I really appreciate it, and there will definitely be more videos from now on! :)

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One Comment

  1. Thats really awesome list.
    Now i can imagin how chubby you are.. :-)
    May god fullfil all your dreams !!!