52 lists – week 5



What am I grateful for? Where do I begin! I could have filled another ten pages. When you think about it, there is just SO much to be grateful for!

I really needed this today, too. I’ve had a tough day yesterday and I could use a pick-me-up! Not being able to work full-time is challenging, and some days I handle those challenges better than others. Making this list has helped me get over that rut I was in and appreciate everything I have to be grateful for.

To download the list for this week head on over to Moorea Seal. You can also link up your blog post there, and check out other people’s lists.


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  1. I hear you, I could have done with a list like that yesterday too. I have learned to find happiness in the small things even on a so called bad day, but some days are simply tougher than others. I hope it feels better today. Sending you a hug just in case you need one! :) xxx

  2. I just found your blog, what fun projects you do! I’m following

  3. I’m loving these lists!

  4. Focusing on gratitude totally changes my attitude. I loved doing this week’s list.

  5. I realized I was thankful for every little thing, I too could have gone for ages!