swap with friends

Hey everyone! :)

I’m sure you have all heard of the magic of swapping, and I had too, but I had never actually swapped something for something.

Until last week. Nicole, a Twitter buddy of mine and someone whom I’ve met last year during a blogger meet-up agreed to swap some goodies with me for an overlay mandala! At first we agreed on a pen case made from some amazing fabric she had in her stash. But then she reminded me that she also does leather work, so we settled on a cover for my Moleskine schedule. Oh, and I had the option to had some words punched in the leather… Guess what I chose? ;)
This leather is so smooth and supple, and to top it off it even smells nice! When I just got it I couldn’t stop sniffing it; in fact I still can’t stop!
2 3
But there was more in the envelope she sent me… When we settled on the leather cover, I had to say goodbye to the pencil case. But to my surprise, look what I found?
4 5
Isn’t this the cutest thing ever? Apparently there were some owls on the fabric too, but Nicole skillfully cut around them for me ;)

Oh, and what about these tiny little scissors!
I felt like it was my birthday :) Thanks Nicole, you have spoiled me rotten!

And I will never leave the house without my new favorite companions:
If you’re interested in some leather accessories, check out Nicole’s blog, or send her a message! But be sure to check out her blog regardless: she blogs about crochet and accessories and makes the cutest things! :)


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  2. I’m happy that you’re happy with it and I’m even more happy with the beautiful mandala!
    Thanks a lot for swapping! :)

  3. As always…BEAUTIFUL
    :-) :-) :’)

  4. Oh my! That leather book is such a beautiful gift! How cool!

  5. What a lovely swap gift! Nicole is very talented.

  6. Your book is beautiful. Went to Nicollie blog, is there any way to get it in English?

  7. Those are some amazing gifts!! I’m off to check out Nicole’s blog, thanks for sharing!
    Kate :}