overlay crochet mandala CAL 2013

I have mentioned it here and there over the last couple of weeks, and it is now finally here: the 2013 mandala CAL! :)
This year we’re making a different mandala. The lovely Carola from CAROcreated has designed some new overlay mandala’s, and this is the one we’re making:
Overlay mandala no 4! I picked this mandala because it looks like it has hearts in it, and since it’s February and Valentine’s Day is almost here, I thought it would be neat to stay in the lover’s theme :)

Now Carola has generously offered a 12% discount on the pattern for EVERYBODY who’s participating in this CAL!
If you would like this discount, please let me know in the comment section. I will then send your info to Carola, who will provide you with the discount code for purchasing the pattern.

After you received the coupon code, you can then purchase the pattern here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CAROcreated

Just like last time, this pattern is for people who’ve been crocheting a while, know the difference between front loops and back loops, and know how to make frontpost and backpost stitches. But if you’re a beginner, and still want to make this pattern, I say go for it! That’s what CALs are for, to learn new things and to ask others questions if you can’t figure it out on your own.

The CAL is officially starting on Monday the 18th of February, so one week from now. For me, Monday will be the day I blog about the CAL. It will run for 6 weeks, and then there will be a vote to decide who’s mandala came out the best! The winner will get some amazing goodies, which I’ll announce later.

There will also be a Flickr pool for you all to upload your pictures in and possibly a Ravelry group; all those details will be clear next Monday.

If you’re participating, grab one of the buttons below! (the larger one is meant for blog posts and the smaller one for your sidebars)

<a href=”http://wp.me/p1xs6r-D9″><img alt=”overlay crochet mandala CAL 2013″ src=”http://www.acreativebeing.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/grab_banner_2013.jpg” width=”620″ height=”172″ /></a>

<a href=”http://wp.me/p1xs6r-D9″><img alt=”overlay crochet mandala CAL 2013″ src=”http://www.acreativebeing.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/sidebar-banner_2013.jpg” width=”260″ height=”140″ /></a>

I’m excited!


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  1. I’d love to join in. I’ve been looking at mandalas with great interest and finally started one of yours. On round 4! Please forward my email for the discount code. Thanks.

  2. Ik zou ook graag de discount code willen ontvangen van het patroontje

  3. I would love to join this CAL! One of my goals this year was to do more complicated crochet patterns, and this looks like it qualifies. :-) Please send the discount code to girl@girlgoingcountry.com. Now I’m either going to have to break down and buy more yarn (despite trying to bust my stash) or look at my current stash in a whole new way for making this mandala! Can’t wait!

  4. Sure, I would like to join! I’ve never actually joined a CAL but marvelled at the sight of many of them ;) Looking forward to it!

  5. Ohhhhh thats really beautifulllllllllllll…just awesome !!!

  6. ME ME ME! I have been waiting for this. I want to join. :-)

  7. Hee Wink, ik ontvang graag ook een discount code. Wil al lang graag een mandala maken, dus dit is een perfect moment!

  8. I would love to join! You are an amazingly talented woman. You go girl!

  9. oh wow,I’ve been wantng to try overlay, can’t wait to join in. Please email the discount code, thanks!

  10. yay! looks amazing :) i’d love to join, although it will probably be a very late start for me. please sign me up!

  11. I would love to participate in this CAL….love the pattern! I’ll wait for the discount code before getting the pattern!

  12. I want to participate! I’m so glad I caught it this year!

  13. Count me in! It was fun making the mandala(s) last year.

  14. Hi! I’m excited to try something new but I am super nervous as I have never tried this technique before! Please sign me up and please forward the coupon code.

  15. Yes, please…me and my 9 year old daughter are going to have a try. Neither of us are very experienced, but we will have a go for the fun and friendship aspect :) Sarah & Lily, UK

  16. Hi Wink, yes please sign me up! Such a beautiful pattern. Cant wait to get started next week. Crocheting happy fun!! Bec

  17. Hi! I love the mandala! Would you please send me the discount code? Thank you :)

  18. I would love to join in! I have been wanting to try overlay crochet for a while and this seems like the perfect chance. Please send me the discount code. Thanks!

  19. That is gorgeous! Great job.

  20. I would love to give a mandala a try! Please pass on my email address so that I can get the discount codes ease :)

  21. I think I’m up for this. Been watching your mandalas for a while. They are lovely. Count me in! :)

  22. you do beautiful Work Dear…I am In Florida Ormond Beach Eastern Coastline on the Ocean Today 80degrees it is Hot..I love the Pictures of Snow …You are a Lovely young woman…Miracles1 I am who I am I am Saint Gabriael…

  23. I’d love to join in! I’ve always wanted to try one of these out. PLease send me a code x

  24. Please add me to the list. I am afraid I may be to much of a newbie, but I won’t know until I try. This is my first CAL and I look forward to seeing everyone’s work.

  25. Please send me the discount code.

  26. Oh my, I can’t pass up a mandala! Count me in, I had so much fun last time!
    Kate :}

  27. How may I promote this on my blog?

  28. How can I not CAL with you being so enthousiastic!
    1st CAL ánd 1st mandala: here I come ;-)

  29. I would like to join in on this CAL. It will be my first CAL. I have participated in many SAL’s and enjoyed them.

  30. I posted it on my Facebook. Guess I should’ve asked. I have a few avid crocheters in my family and was hoping one or two of them would join.

  31. I’m a fairly new crocheter and have up until now mostly used acrylic yarn. I bought the pattern (woo hoo!) and see it recommends cotton yarn. Should I plan on using cotton? Or will acrylic be ok? Any suggestions or tips around yarn choice is greatly appreciate so I can be ready to go!

    • That’s great! :) I think cotton yarn works best, but acrylic yarn is also great! If you check out the Flickr pool from last year () you can see some people used acrylic yarn too. So really, the choice is up to you! :)
      The next time I blog about the CAL (every Monday) I will discuss the choice of yarn & hook, as well as choosing colors.

  32. I ordered the pattern last night – I also have 2 baby blankets to make (one with a graph) so I’ll do my best to keep up. Now I need to pick my colors!

  33. This looks very interesting. Please forward my email. Thanks.

  34. This is stunning Wink, I can’t wait to join in…I really enjoyed doing the last Overlay Mandala :)

  35. I would like to join your CAL. I would like to get the pattern and be ready for the 18th . Very excited. I have started a baby blanket with your groovy ghan last night and finished about 20 rows. Hubby saw it this morning and loved it. He even loved the back of the piece. When done I will send a photo if I can figure how to do it. Thanks for a wonderful site.

  36. I would love a discount code for the Mandala design. My email is nevillegirl@mail.com.
    I would like to join the CAL also and learn how to do the mandala.

  37. I just love your work and can’t wait to join the CAL. Please pass on my e-mail for the discount please. sandy.kolka@yahoo.com. Thank you

  38. I would love to join! Please email me the code….

  39. very beautiful. Plesse sign me up:)

  40. This looks beautiful but I have to pass. Good luck everyone!

  41. I would LOVE to join in with this – never made a mandala before but it will give me a break from my ever growing collection of blankets =]

  42. Pingback: Haak Maar Raak, Overlay mandala CAL 2013 has arrived!

  43. I’d love to have a go at this. Could you please send the discount code. Many thanks :)

  44. I have never made a mandala before and would love to join in. May I get the code for the pattern please?

  45. I would like to try to make one! Can you please send me the code for the pattern?

  46. I’d love to join in , have been looking at these and love them, may be I should start with first one?

  47. I would like to join in please

  48. Ok please join me up for this crochet along. It will be the first I have ever join. Please be patient as I will need help with Flickr too. I have the pattern and am waiting till it starts. Is that Monday Australian time (EST) or a different timezone.

  49. Hi I would love to join this CAL.

  50. New to blog pages and flicker, etc. So am not sure what to do first, would love to join CAL and make the mandala

  51. I would alo like to have a go at this :)

  52. I just realized when I left my comment I forgot to ask about the discount for the pattern. Looking forward to learning about making crochet Mandalas .. so beautiful.

  53. I would love to join the CAL! Please send needed info. Thanks

  54. Kindly send me the discount code for this pattern as I have been looking high and low on the internet for a free or affordable pattern like this!! It’s one of my favorites!

  55. Please send me the discount code for the mandala. I have resisted for as long as I can, and ran out of resistance! I LOVE the looks of the mandalas and want to learn how to do them too! Was very happy to see the CAL for them! Yay!

  56. Would love to take part- please sign me up!

  57. Opps, I hope it’s not too late to join in your CAL… I must warn you, I’ve never participated in a CAL before, don’t have a blog either so don’t know if this will disqualify me from joining in or not… I do have a facebook page & a Flickr acc… If I’m not too late please include me… Bethel from the Land Down Under

  58. Please include me I would love to participate. Thanks

  59. I have not received my discount coupon code yet. I am keen and eager to join this CAL.

    • Hey Debbie,
      We had a wrong e-mail address on file for you; I’ve sent the correct one over for the discount code! You should receive it within 24 hours :)

  60. Just spotted your CAL on eagerly would love to play along

  61. Comment posted by accident so just posting again to make sure you get my email

  62. Beautiful pattern.Can I join your CAL

  63. Love this pattern. Can I get it?

  64. Love to join ;)

  65. Hello- I would like to participate. Can I please get the discount code for the pattern? I love your site also. Thank you.

  66. I am a late starter, but have joined the CAL group on Ravelry and would love to purchase the pattern if it is not too late.

  67. Hi, I’ve joined, got the discount code, purchased the pattern, printed it and now where do I go to upload my finished mandala?

  68. I too would love to participate in the CAL and make this beautiful mandala.

  69. This is my first CAL ever, and I’d love to be a part of it if it’s not too late? :)

  70. Its amazing mandala graet job
    Sure I would love to join this CAL. ^^

  71. Hi! I’ve purchased mandala 1 and 2 but haven’t made them yet. This CAL wil get me to finally conquer this challenge. I think overlay is gorgeous!.

  72. Better late than never. Please sign me up! I am so excited and the ones that are finished are gorgeous! Thanks for hosting this CAL. It should be fun.
    Eileen :)

  73. Can i join? I woud love to make this project and share it.

  74. I have send you an email. Thank you!

  75. I too would like to join the CAL, if it’s not too late.

  76. How do I join? What do I do?

    • Hi Alice,
      To join please leave your e-mail address so the designer can send you a discount code to purchase the pattern. All the info is in this blog post really :)

  77. Is it too late to join, I’ve never made one, but this looks fun and gorgeous!

    • It’s NOT to late to join and it’s such a hoot to do. Come on, you can do it and there’s lots of help available if you get stuck. Step out and just do it!

    • It’s not too late! :) I’ll add your name to the list; the designer will send you the discount code. Have fun! :)

  78. Me encanta, nunca hice uno, donde puedo adquirir informacion para aprender paso a paso.- Agradeceria inmensamente.

  79. Beautiful!!! Am I too late to join in?

    • No you’re not Catherine! :) I sent you e-mail address to the designer; she’ll contact you with a discount code to purchase the pattern. Welcome! :)

  80. ooh I’d really like to join in!!! I’m hopeful I can get this completed in time… if i’m not to late to join? Jen xoxo

  81. i would like to buy the instructions for making mandala/

  82. I’ve been crocheting for years; but, lately with more time on my hands I’m going through pieces like heck!! If you would kindly forward my email address – istangye56@gmail.com to whoever needs it – Carolyn I think it was – so, she can send me the discount code. I also am very interested in “CAL” and more complicated patterns than I have been doing.
    I’m ready for more projects!! Thank you – Irene S. Tangye – Florida – USA!!!

  83. I’m probably too late but I’ve been looking for patterns for crocheted mandalas for a while. I’d love any information you could send me for this and any previous mandalas. mystisheart@gmail.com

  84. Hola!! mi nombre es Sandra y estoy buscando los tutoriales de los mandalas tan maravillosos que veo en tu página. ¿como haré para ingresar? todavía puedo obtener los patrones? Muchas gracias

    • Hi Sandra, this CAL is over, but there will be others! Just keep checking back here :)
      Oh, and I don’t speak Spanish; could you please comment in English? Thanks! :)