weekly mandala – week 15: twinkle toes

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Hello! :)

After last week’s misfortune (when I ran out of yarn) everything has been sorted out (meaning yarn has been ordered) and so we have another weekly mandala!

This week’s mandala is called Twinkle Toes, after this gorgeous hand spun yarn by Ilashdesigns:

Even though this mandala was supposed to go live last week, I think the colors match Valentine’s Day perfectly!
crochet mandala twinkle toes

crochet mandala planning twinkle toes

Closer up:
crochet weekly mandala twinkle toes

I love it! These colors are really mesmerizing. Alright, I’m off to work on my overlay mandala for the CAL; can you believe that almost 30 people have signed up so far? You can still sign up to; just head on over to this blog post and leave a comment to put your name on the list and receive 12% off the pattern!

Mandala made using Drops Paris cotton yarn and a 4mm Clover hook, using this free pattern.


ps Click here to see all the mandalas I’ve made so far! 

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  1. love those colors

  2. What do you use these for? Are they just for hanging on the wall? They’re beautiful. so colorful.

  3. Looks great! I just purchased the pattern for the CAL and I’m waiting for it to arrive in my inbox so I can start picking out yarn!

  4. Gorgeous color combination!

  5. I love pink/purple/yellow together. some of my favourite colours!!

  6. gosh that yarn and the colors are delicious! i always wondered though, because i’ve never used yarn like that yet, how does the yarn come out looking even in a project when its naturally so uneven in width?

    • Hey Alicia,
      Just to be clear; I didn’t use the hand spun to make this mandala. I used Drops Paris cotton yarn in the same colors :) I hope this answers your question.

  7. So pretty! I love purples and yellows together! And 30 people for your CAL? That’s so exciting!
    Kate :}

  8. I thought of you yesterday as I wandered round an art exhibition – there was a big Bridget Riley brightly striped painting depicting colours from an Egyptian visit – it reminded me of your mandalas, all your colour inspiration, interpretation and stripe designing. I also realised, as a big Bridget Riley fan, why I am so fascinated with your mandala designs.
    Keep up the great work – its amazing where inspiration comes from!
    Ali x

  9. Where can I purchase the yarns that u have mentioned please?
    Also I have purchase one of the overlay patterns and really enjoy seeing it grow.
    Does anyone have ideas about what these can be used for?
    Thank you

  10. Do you have mandala pattern written out, with main picture, without
    Having to download all those photos?