let the CAL begin!

Hello everyone!

Today is the day we ‘officially’ start the CAL. Most people have received their discount and have bought the pattern. If you have already signed up but haven’t received your discount yet, please let me know. If you missed the announcement and want to join, let me know by leaving a comment here! :) I will then forward your e-mail address to Carola who will send you your discount to purchase the pattern.

As a reminder, this is the mandala we’re making:

Some guidelines for this CAL:

  • Please post all photos in the Flickr pool.
    I made a Flickr pool for this CAL that you can find here:
    Please post all pictures there. Include the yarn you used, what type it is (cotton, acrylic etc) and what hook size you used. If it’s a WIP, please include what round you’re on.
  • All discussion takes place in the Ravelry group.
    I made a Ravelry group for you all to post questions in. You can find it here:
    Please post all questions in this group only.
  • You can work at your own pace.
    Please don’t be discouraged if people have finished a mandala and you haven’t even gotten past round 2! You have six weeks to complete your mandala, so take your time, ask questions when needed and don’t forget to have fun! :)
  • Anyone can join!
    You don’t need a blog to join. All you need is a hook and some yarn (and a little experience; this isn’t a pattern for absolute crochet beginners), and perhaps a Ravelry and Flickr account.

And that’s it! :) Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

A lot of people have asked me what yarn to use, what colors to choose and what hook size to use.

As far as yarn goes, the sky is the limit! Here are two pictures from last year’s CAL:
This was the start of my own mandala, and as you can see I made it with cotton yarn (Drops Paris by Garnstudio), and with a 4mm hook.
This is the start of Signed With An Owl’s mandala, and she uses acrylic yarn. Still gorgeous! :)

So the choice of yarn is up to you. If you can crochet with it, you can use it to make a mandala! But be sure to choose the correct hook size. If you’ve been crocheting for a while, you know your tension and you know what size to use to get your mandala to stay flat.
If you’re fairly new to all this just look at the label on your yarn; it will tell you what size hook to use. That’s a pretty save guide, however I find that for me I always need to go down a size; for instance when the label says to use a 5mm hook, I use a 4mm. Personal preference/tension!
Having said that, some mandalas will ruffle a bit when you make them. It happened to mine too. The solution? Block it/press it! There will be a blog post on this later on in the CAL.

About what color to use: the way I see it, this mandala design has 6 colors in it; 4 colors in an ombre shade and 2 in complimentary colors. For example:
The colors I used in the first mandala I made for this CAL (which I will show you on Wednesday) are white, light pink, rose and dark rose as the 4 ombre colors, and light green and dark green as complimentary colors.
The colors I’m using for my next mandala (using thin cotton; a first for me!) are white, yellow, ochre and terra as ombre colors, and mint and green as complimentary colors.

To get your ombre colors: simply start with several shades of 1 color, and lay them out light to dark! For the complimentary color: choose one that goes well with your shade of ombre, and then use two different shades of that. So for instance when blue matches your ombre palette, get a light blue and a darker blue as your complimentary colors. I hope this makes sense :)

But it’s your mandala; if you want to make it neon yellow, pink and purple I say go for it! :) Again with colors the sky is the limit, and you’re in charge!

If you blog about this CAL, would you be so kind to leave a comment? I would love to check out your blogs! :)

Alright everyone, have fun in this first week; I can not wait to see what you’re all going to make!


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  1. Where do I find the pattern, please?

  2. Hi Margot,
    The pattern can be purchased here: http://www.etsy.com/shop/CAROcreated
    Did you receive your discount code?

  3. I think I read this wrong, and tried to sign up on CARO created site. I would love to join. Thank you for sharing this. I would love the discount, also

  4. Great!! Can’t wait to see what everyone makes!
    Kate :}

  5. I should be starting mine today, if I still love my colours, I keep going back and forth!

  6. still trying to choose colours XD

  7. So excited to get started! All hooked up on Flickr and Ravelry and ready to see the colors everyone chooses! I’m starting with colors I have in my stash (since I figure I’m going to have some trial and error the first time through this pattern anyway)…but assuming I like it, I have some other color combos in mind for more mandalas!

  8. I would like to join…

  9. this looks wonderful ! I love dráwing mandalas, might give it a try
    though I’m not thát good at crochet ……

  10. Hi there..I would like to join..please..good to challenge myself after making the Mandala from last years CAL. thank you..

  11. Hi, I would like to join in this CAL – how do I do it? I do not have a blog but I am on ravelry ashlaw

  12. Is it too late to get the discount?

  13. I’d like to participate!

  14. I’m blogging my CAL progress. My first post about it is here: http://craftroom.tawn.co.uk/?p=193

  15. Man, I just found this today, via plus3 crochet. Is it too late to join the CAL/get the discount?

  16. I have to admit that I’ve been on the fence on this one, because it looks a bit more complicated than anything I’ve ever done before, but I’d like to take the plunge and give it a go. With so many people involved it ought to be easy to get help if I get stuck. That’s the best thing about crochet-a-longs. Plus, it looks like I’ll learn some new techniques and the pattern is beautiful! :)

  17. I know I’m late to the party but would love to join in.

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  19. Ugh!!! I can’t believe that I missed this CAL again this year! I soo want to join!!!

  20. I like to join in to ?

  21. Hi! I was on holiday and had not seen this CAL! I was waiting for it, and I’d love to join the group. I hope it’s no too late :)