craft fair + vlog

Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!

Last weekend I went to a craft fair in my home town, Zwolle (The Netherlands). It was crowded and hot, and there were more quilt shops than yarn shops, but I still had a good time :) I went with my mom, my aunt and my sister-in-law, all a crafty bunch, and we came prepared with lists of what we needed (and thoughts about what we wanted).

Here’s a gallery of pictures to give you an idea of the fair. (click for larger images)

(I’m trying out this gallery; let me know if you like viewing a large amount of pictures like this)

I came with a shopping list as well and there were only a couple of things on it, like these hooks I had been dying to try:
An Addi Swing hook in 4mm, and a KnitPicks double hook in 4/4,5mm. I got them in the size I use most; for my weekly mandalas for instance!

So the next day I tried to make something with the Addi Swing hook. It’s… different. I really have to get used to the size of the handle because it’s much larger than my regular Clover hook, and although I think it can really help with any stiffness you might have in your hands or wrists, I don’t think this is the hook for me. Having said that though, I plan on using it a couple of times more just to see if I can get used to it.

I also tried the KnitPicks hook, expecting to love it. I have circular knitting needles in the same edition and I love those, so what could go wrong, right? Right. This crochet hook is very scratchy; it kept snagging on my yarn and it didn’t flow nicely at all. I might take a piece of sandpaper to this hook because despite the roughness, it’s a good size and the wood feels good when you hold it in your hand. So the verdict isn’t quite in on this hook either; but so far I’m unimpressed.

Would you like me to write a more in-depth review of these hooks, and perhaps other hooks as well? Let me know! :)

And speaking of letting me know your thoughts: I want to make you guys a video, where I answer any and all questions you might have for me! So if you’ve always wanted to know why my hair is pink, what hooks I have, what my stash looks like or if you just want to hear me speak in my ‘cute’ Dutch accent; let me know in the comments! :) I really want to get into the habit of making more videos for you guys, like tutorials, tips, tricks and what not, and this will help me get over any ‘stage fright’ I might have.

I can’t wait to hear your questions! :)


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  1. I just adore your site…all the colours just cheer me up. What is a Knitpicks? I love the colour wood….suspect you have guessed I LOVE colours lol

  2. I’ve been crocheting for two years now and have never made a garment to wear…. Not till last night anyway… my question is …. Have you ever made anything like a crochet jacket, or tunic for yourself and may we see it??? Xx

  3. Looks like you have a lot of fun..great photos!

  4. I have had the same problem with knit picks hook. Thought it was. Just me!

  5. Too bad about the Knitpicks hook since it’s so beautiful! But I think the sandpaper could work! Good luck and keep us posted! And I think your video idea is great!
    Kate :}

  6. Wink,It seems that you really had a fun with your loved ones..As usual great pics !!
    Keep posting !

  7. Have you tried the new Clover Amour hooks yet?
    I usually use Clovers or cheap hooks from the Zeeman with a coat I added, you can see here:
    Or these bambooones with a leather jacket *yay*

  8. Oeh, and I’d like to know what you do with all your mandala’s. D they hang on the wall? :)

  9. You could try a disposable nail file instead of the sandpaper. It might be easier to control and be a bit more gentle on your hook. love your blog and God Bless

  10. I tried the Addi hook and didn’t like it. I was so excited becuase Addi knitting needles are my favorite, but the handle on the hook is too big, and too curved or something, I use Clover hooks and the work great.

  11. Hi, I don’t think I could work with the Addi – too big to hold but I have tried the Knitpiks and I hate them. They keep splitting the yarn ugh! I would love to see videos so bring ’em on girl

  12. What caught my eye originally on your blog were the mandalas! Maybe I just haven’t stumbled on this post yet, but what do you do with all of them? I love the concept regardless!


  13. Hi Wink!!
    I have just discovered your place here and I love it.
    Thanks :)

    Lluisa x

  14. Definitely would love to see someone else’s stash for a change :) not to mention any helpful hints for organizing ones yarn!!!

  15. I agree completely about both hooks. I really tried to like them both – but couldn’t. And to top it all off – the printing rubbed off the Knit Picks hook – after only a little use! I love Knit Picks yarn – but they can keep these beautiful wooden hooks – wish I hadn’t bought the whole set!

  16. I’ve been in Zwolle once, and I will never forget this town. The wind was so strong while we were driving on our bikes that we gave up and hopped into the train. :-)

    • Hi Regula! So you’ve been there too, that’s cool! I love that city so much; I hope someday to return there to live again! But yes, it can be quite windy, but that goes for all of The Netherlands! ;)

  17. Hi..great gallery…good to know more about different hooks that are out there…and would love to see you vlog for us (tips,tricks etc)…and why do you have pink hair..I want mine in purple cause its my fav color (but hubby won’t let…one day :))….