mandala cal 2013 update


The CAL has been going for a week and it is going strong! I’m so proud of all of you that have joined in, you are making some stunning mandalas! :)

The Ravelry group is active even though not a lot of people are asking questions. But that is a good thing; everyone is figuring out the pattern on their own, meaning they don’t need help!

And the Flickr pool is slowly filling up with amazing WIPs and FOs – check it out!

Please specify a Flickr ID for this gallery

If you want your picture in to appear in the Flickr pool but you don’t have an account or some other troubles; let me know and I’ll upload your pics for you :)

Some people have been blogging about this CAL too! You can link up your own blog post using the Linky tool below.

I can’t wait to read all your posts and to see all your amazing mandalas! :) And you can still join our CAL too: just head on over here, leave a comment and receive 12% off this amazing pattern!


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  1. ohhhhhh god !!!
    Thats really pretty one !!!

  2. Everyones mandalas look awesome! I have just finished round 10 of mine and will probably upload some pictures tomorrow!

  3. Hi…I just stumbled upon this page from your page on Facebook, which I found this morning and liked. :) I would love to know about the Mandala CAL. I don’t know where to find this information. I’ve tried to find it, but haven’t really found the explanation with details how to join. I read something about purchasing a pattern, but that’s all I found…didn’t find the actual place to purchase a pattern. Any help you could give me would be great. I believe I’d like to join this CAL.

    Thanks so much. :)

  4. Cool..thank you for adding my overlay mandala..all mandalas look fantastic :)…I have also included a link to my blog which I share my CAL…GOING GREAT SO FAR ….:)

  5. Wink…I got my pattern and will start my mandala as soon as I can get the yarn. In the pattern, she stated she used cotton yarns. Finding 6 colors of cotton yarn in my very small town is gonna be a little hard. Do you have any suggestions on other types, or would it really work best with the cotton yarns? I can order online, but would rather get it in person. Thanks!! :)