52 lists – week 8



Inspired by Moorea Seal’s personal musical story, I decided to share mine.

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned my love for music on my blog, have I? Ever since I was little (4 years old) I was captivated by the sound of the flute. My parents at the time were a little worried that it might be a temporary thing, so instead of flute lessons they put me on recorder lessons. I did those for four years, until my teacher told my parents that I had played through every book, every ensemble in sight and that it was time to give me what I wanted! I had my first flute lessons from a women who taught at home and she was wonderful. Her husband taught the recorder and their house was always filled with music, students and instruments. Around that time I also joined a youth orchestra which was amazing. Because the only thing better than making music is making it with others!

I think around the time when I was twelve I decided I had enough of playing. I was becoming a real teenager and playing classical music just wasn’t cool enough. After a few years in high school my niece (who’s three months younger than me and who I used to hang out with a lot) decided she wanted to learn how to play the guitar. That sounded way cooler than playing the flute, so I joined her group class for beginners. After two weeks my teacher saw that I was extremely bored, knowing all the notes already and playing by myself, so he suggested I switch from the group to private lessons. I had that teacher for a few years and he was awesome. We found out that we shared a love for the band K’s Choice and started playing a lot of their music, and going to their concerts together. It was a blast! In the meantime I had turned 18 and my parents thought it was time for me to pay for my own lessons. I had no way of paying for those so sadly, I quit.

Fast forward a couple of years, where I was still occasionally playing the guitar but mostly just for fun, I had moved out of my parent’s house for a while, and was ready to buy my own place. With this new found adulthood I decided it was time to pick up the flute again. I purchased an el-cheapo one off Ebay and just started playing again. Even though my technique was terrible, I still remembered how to play; it was like riding a bike! When I moved to a new city I found out there were a couple of music schools in the area, and I signed up for lessons. My teacher was a flute player, but he wasn’t into classical music at all; his main instrument was a saxophone! Captivated by the jazzy sound of the instrument and with playing jazz music, which I had never done before, I bought a second-hand saxophone. That thing was awesome! I had no idea I could produce so much sound all on my own. It was amazing, but again, I had to quit because I couldn’t afford the lessons anymore.

Fast forward a couple more years and I have sold a lot of my instruments. I used to own a lot (a violin, a piano, a drum kit, three flutes, 6 recorders, two guitars, a bodhran and some irish whistles) and my house was filled to the brim! But currently I ‘only’ own my electric guitar that I bought when I was 16; my classical guitar that my parents gifted me around the same age which I LOVE; a couple of recorders and alto recorders (they were my first love, of course) and my beloved flute. I sold the el-cheapo one when I wanted to really take making music seriously, and am now the owner of a beautiful open-holed Yamaha flute with a silver head joint. I even tried going to Berklee for one summer but unfortunately, life happened and so Berklee never did.

If you aks me what my one dream is, it’s definitely music. I would love love love to go to music school and really develop my talent and just play!

Who knows, one day :)

To download the list for this week head on over to Moorea Seal. You can also link up your blog post there, and check out other people’s lists.


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  1. Music was my first love…and it will be my laaaaast…etcetc!

  2. That’s so interesting! Thanks for sharing your musical story with us.

    I started to play the recorder, viola and guitar at school – I really wanted to play the violin but as I had big hands and there were no viola players I got talked into that and I didn’t really enjoy that as I liked the melody more than the boring notes I got to play. The same happened in the choir – I loved to sing but I was made an alto and I still didn’t get the melody. When I hit my teens I was much too cool to lug a guitar around so that didn’t last long either!

    • I hear ya; when I was playing in the orchestra it took a while before I was first flute. At first I thought it sucked that I didn’t have the melody, but after a while I actually preferred playing the second or third parts! It made me feel more part of the music as a whole. But some songs are just better when you have the melody ;)

  3. Never give up to your dreams :)
    Who knows…..

    Have a great time!

    Lluisa x

  4. Wow!! Thanks for sharing, I wish I had some type of musical talent but sadly I’m incredibly tone deaf :) You are very lucky and by the sounds of things amazingly talented, but we knew that already ;) I hope your dreams come true one day.

  5. If its something you really are truly passionate about just keep at it on your own! You never know where it might lead. Don’t let not being able to afford school or lessons get in your way… do you what you love!