mandala cal 2013 update


The CAL has been going for two weeks now and the mandalas that are appearing in the Flickr pool and in the Ravelry group are stunning! I am so proud of everyone who took the plunge and decided to challenge themselves with this CAL :)

The first mandala I made for the CAL was this one:
But as you can see, it ruffles a little. Because the pattern is so intricate and layered, this is a common problem. The solution? Block or press it!

I used a damp cloth and an iron on medium to low heat, and I sprayed my mandala with water to make it wet. To press your mandala, place the damp cloth on it and iron it out, using a little pressure. The goal here is to use the heat or the iron and the water to flatten out the mandala. If you mandala is really wonky you could also block it, but for mine that wasn’t necessary. This is how rippled it was before pressing it:
And this is the flat, post-pressed mandala:
It took about 10 minutes to press it and the result is great!

Have any of you pressed or blocked your finished mandalas?


PS You can still join our CAL: just head on over here, leave a comment and receive 12% off this amazing pattern!

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  1. Wonderful job! Very, very pretty, indeed!

  2. I blocked my mandala by pinning it out, spraying it with water and letting it dry over night. I find that acrylic yarn doesn’t really like to be ironed!
    Kate :}

  3. It’s lovely. I haven’t started mine ….. :-( But I will, eventually. :-) Have a nice day. Regula

  4. it’s beautiful! I love the soft color palette!

  5. How proud your Mom must be of you..nothing like a Mom’s love and a daughter who so gets and understands it..what a beautiful post and sweet of your Mom!

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