it’s the little things

I don’t really get a lot of mail. Well, save from bills and tax stuff. You know, I don’t really get a lot of those either.

Imagine my surprise when a tiny little envelope found it’s way to my house, and I had no idea who it was from! D brought it up with him (we live on the third floor and our mailbox is on ground level) and assumed I had ordered something from Etsy. Well, I did, but that’s not supposed to arrive for a couple of weeks… I was intrigued!

I opened up the envelope to find a note:
Wait a minute, I recognize that handwriting… That looks my mom’s handwriting!

In the envelope was a little black silk pouch:
Ooh, I was getting really curious now… What could it be?

Only the most gorgeous necklace ever! And yes, I have to agree with my mom, it reminds me a lot of my mandalas :) How awesome is that!

Thank you mom, for thinking of me when you saw this and for sending it to me out of the blue. I have been wearing it everyday since you sent it to me. I love you ♥


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  1. I think it is beautiful and it would totally remind of your mandalas :)

    I love it when I get happy mail in the post, it doesnt happen very often!

  2. Aren’t Mums the best xxxx

  3. How so very sweet and thoughtful of your mom! I love surprises like that, they don’t happen very often so it’s lovely to hear of it happening to others.

  4. How nice! Your mom is very thoughtful.

  5. thats what Mums are for!

  6. That’s so sweet of your mom!! It’s lovely!
    Kate :}

  7. So nice of your Mom! Enjoy wearing it. :-))

  8. I love moms! This one seems extra cool.

  9. This is just so sweet. What a thoughtful gift! :)

  10. How sweet!!!!!!! :D Moms are the best :)))