52 lists – week 9



I like being home. I have been home for the past few years, and it is my sanctum sanctorum, it is where I feel safe, it is where I get inspired and it is where I like to be. Having said that, I definitely think I should go out more. Because of budget reasons we can’t just go anywhere, but that doesn’t mean we can’t dream about it!

Me and D would love love love to go to Berlin some day. It has to be one of the most artsy and history-rich cities there are, and we would love to soak in all that good stuff. We are saving up to go there, since our 5th anniversary is coming up :)

But we, I, also wouldn’t mind just going to the zoo. Any zoo. I love going to the zoo. (and looking at the date on that blog post, it’s about time we go again!)

To download the list for this week head on over to Moorea Seal. You can also link up your blog post there, and check out other people’s lists.


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  1. So many great places to go!

    Daydreaming is good too. I sit and crochet and think of the places I want to go and then i connect to them via blogging and it is wonderful. Add Norway to that list next to Denmark, please. :-)

  2. One of the few places on your list that I have been to is Boston. I think you would really like it there. :)

    • I think I would too! :) I was very close to going there for a week, to attend Berklee for a summer class. The tickets and hotels were booked and everything, but life happened and I was unable to go. But it’s still very much at the top of my list! :)