first love

I was cleaning my office space yesterday, when my eye fell on a regular inhabitant of said space. This inhabitant was the first thing I EVER crocheted, and every time I see it, it brings back so many memories!

Ladies (and gentlemen, I know you’re out there too), I present to thee:
This little piggie!

When I learned to crochet a few years ago I was in the hospital, and as such had limited access to invaluable resources like computers, and more specifically YouTube, to teach me how to do the stitches. All I had was a little book about amigurumi’s, and some wacky diagrams in it that said how to crochet. Armed with a ball of t-shirt yarn and a 12mm bamboo hook (that literally gave me blisters; partly because I was crocheting super tight and partly because that hook just wasn’t right) I set out to crochet a fish from the book.

A fish.

This is a pig.

Obviously, I had much to learn ;) I quickly realized my mistake, but back then unraveling was a big no-no for me so I just kept going. I took a step back and admired my… piggie! I had no idea how to fasten off or how to attach yarn, which explains the many knots on this little piggie. His eyes dangle precariously off some super thin thread I used to sew them on, and no one is allowed to touch them because they might come off!
Despite his obvious flaws, I do love my little piggie though. He kept me safe during those months in the hospital and he will always be an irreplaceable piece of history for me.

Do you still have the first thing you ever made? Please share, I’d love to see! :)


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  1. I think your pig is adorable, wow, look how far you skills have advanced.
    Hugs to you,

  2. He’s so awesome – one of a kind – and as you say a precious piece of your personal story.
    I still have my first forays into felt – a needlefelted leaf and a wet felted pebble. My first crochet creation was a chain (for a loomed flower garland) – made as a present and regularly seen at a friends house.
    Ali x

  3. Aw how cute! I really like his ears. The first thing I crocheted was a stroller blanket and hat set for my son when I was pregnant. About an hour after I finished it my water broke and to the hospital I went!

  4. He’s adorable! I don’t have the first thing I ever crocheted, unfortunately. That was a scarf I made at the age of nine. I didn’t make the whole thing myself, maybe half of it, and my mother finished the rest. I think she was getting impatient with me. I wish I still had it, though. I would love to have a look at it.

  5. My first ever project was a giant blanket entirely crocheted in sc… the only stitch I knew at the time. It was uneven and hideous, but I still have it to this day because it reminds me how far I have come (and is still perfect for keeping warm). Your piggy is such a cute first project. :)

  6. that is super sweet! made me smile. My first crocheted item was a purse for my daughter, i will have to figure out how to share the picture.

  7. Hi..piggy looks fantastic..feels great to remember and find the first thing one crochet so many years inspired me to share mine and blog about my first ever crochet beanie/hat…here is the link..