my first vlog

It’s here: my first vlog! :)

In it I answer some questions some of you had, and I show my first ever crocheted garment… This will take 3 minutes of your life, and gives you another chance to hear my fabulous accent.


If you have any more questions for me; please post them in the comments, and I’ll make another vlog :)


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  1. Hi Wink. I loved the video – and your accent. :)

    Do you crochet fast or slow and where is your favorite spot to crochet?

  2. I loved it too! You, and your accent, are so cute! But WHAT were you thinking!?!?!? That garment is HIDEOUS!!!!! :D I love that you showed it.

    • Whahaha I know! :D I wanted to frog it but it took me like a week to make it, so I never bothered. And now I keep it around to make people laugh ;)

  3. Loved your vlog…you are too adorable for words!

  4. Easy question: Love the Hat! Is it your own design? (Hard to see the stitch pattern with the colors, looks like US double or treble crochet for most of it?)

  5. I loved this! Im a total fan of your personality… hope you release more vlogs soon!

    • Haha, thank you Shawna! :) I do plan on releasing more videos, just because you guys really seem to like them.

  6. Awwwwww..,loved this….so here is the beautiful woman behind all this beautiful things!!! Great!!!! Hope to see new vlogs soon !!!!

  7. I love your video and love love the accent. I can’t wait till your next one. Very well put hun.

  8. I love the necklace that you’re wearing! ;) hope you do too… Made me smile to see you weating it. :) it could use a close-up though. ;)
    Loved the v-log and love to see some more! Can we see your favorite crochet space or chair? :)

  9. Loved it! So fun to see you and hear you! Usually people are so different than what you imagine in your head just from reading their blogs. Love your hat…I’m assuming those are crocheted dreadlocks and not your own hair??? It cracked me up the way you say “mandala.” Much different than what it sounds like when I say it. It took me a minute to realize what you were saying! Hee-hee.

  10. Loved the video Wink…..funny, in jr. high my nickname was Twink…I was chubby, it was short for Twinkie LOL anyways back to you….the mandalas…framing is a wonderful idea! for the walls, doors, room divider/privacy screen, closets, small frames perhaps for windows(depends on your situation)….I can think of lots more, but I think we both pressed for time. I love your work, you are an inspiration…Keep up the good work!

  11. What, no shoutouts? :)

  12. Hoe cool ben jij zeg! Gaaf, sluit me aan bij de rest….benieuwd naar de rest van je “flogs”.

  13. een hele grote mandala-quilt? Is even werk, maar dan heb je ook wat ;) Gaaf filmpje!

  14. I love your accent, where are you from? You vid was really cute, and that sweater was (no offense) ghastly! lol oh well, you should see my first granny squares! yikes!

    <3 Bethany @

    • Ha! Thanks Bethany. I’m from The Netherlands, and I hope that there will come a day that my accent won’t be as obvious ;) And I agree; that sweater *was* ghastly!

  15. You are just too cute!!! Loved the videos: your creative space (so colorful!!), your speedy method of crochet (unusual, compared to my own snail’s pace!), So fun!!!! Keep them coming, I will certainly tune in to watch!! Best to you and yours, Darlene (from Wisconsin, USA)

  16. Ah, you’re so pretty!