goodbye google reader

As you may or may not have heard, Google Reader is stopping it’s services. That’s bad news for all of you who were using it, including me.
But fortunately, there are some good alternatives to Google Reader!

The first one is Bloglovin’. You can follow my blog here: follow my blog on Bloglovin’.

And the second one (and the one I use) is Feedly. If you start to use Feedly it lets you import all your Google Reader feeds. Convenient no? :) Follow my blog here: follow my blog on Feedly.

But of course you can still follow my blog with your own RSS-readers. My feed is here.

Looking forward to seeing you all over there! :)


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  1. Fijn dat je ons daar even attent op maakt. Ik wist het nog niet maar ga er naar kijken. Dank je!
    En natuurlijk dank voor je heerlijke blog! Complimenten!!

  2. Oh I think I may have been under a rock I had not heard this very disappointing. Now I know why everyone is switching to bloglovin. Anywho today while browsing pinterest when I should of been doing other things I spotted this and instantly thought of you and your mandala cal. Hope you enjoy. xx

    • That tattoo is amazing! Thanks for sharing! :) And yes, sad news about Google. That means that Google Friend Connect will also stop working, which is really a shame!

  3. Thanks for sharing!!
    Lluisa x

  4. I just discovered this post blog hopping over at bloglovin :) I was kind of reluctant to try it but I love how easy it is to find amazing new craft blogs there. I’m now following you there! Elisabeth x

  5. Thanks for sharing. I’m still looking for an alternative, so I’ll have to try these out.