(very) early birthday present

I don’t know about you, but I have a massive list of favourites on Etsy. Once in a while I browse through all of them, and sigh at the items that are now sold, drool over the items that are still for sale and sometimes, just sometimes, actually order something from my favourites.

Because it’s my birthday in a little over a month and because my blog has been doing so well lately, I decided to treat myself to a very appropriate gift; a crochet hook case! :) It is hand made and had to come all the way from South Korea. I never expected it to get here anywhere before April, but to my surprise yesterday it was already in my mailbox!

This beauty is made by Soyun, from Atelier de Soyun on Etsy. She has many cool cases and project bags in her shop; for crochet hooks but also for knitting needles, even circulars!

This is what the case looks like on the inside, empty:
I asked Soyun to create a wider pocket to provide for my scissors, and they fit perfectly, as well as all my hooks and stitch markers!
The case has a flap on top to protect your needles and to keep them from falling out when you roll up the case. I asked Soyun to sew ‘a creative being’ on it, which she did. (but you have to look real close to be able to read it – I guess the font isn’t really that suitable for letters…)
crochethook-case-lettering crochethook-case-folded
When you roll the case up it looks like this:
I love the button closure on it and the clever way she sewed the strap! It adds the perfect finishing touch :)

I’m already saving up for one of her project bags. I mean, look at them; how can you resist? (images c/o Soyun)
il_fullxfull.222120017 il_fullxfull.222119885
I totally want one of these now. Maybe I should point D in the direction of my Etsy favourites ;)


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  1. how much is the crocheted bag.and how do I get one

  2. Hi, Wink! I found your blog through gingerblue. I completely agree with your Etsy favorites ritual- do it myself sometimes. I just think it’s a marvelous coincidence that I ordered myself an early birthday present (okay 2) from Etsy recently as well. Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!

  3. The crochet case is stunning, and the project bags are amazing as well. I want them both!

  4. Thanks for sharing those Wink! I LOVE the project bag especially! I’m heading over to etsy to take a peek. Thanks again!

  5. I love this bag…and the project bags. They look absolutely perfect! I’m also going to check out her shop. Thanks for sharing it with us!

  6. That’s a very pretty hook case, and very distinctive. Thanks for sharing!

  7. The hook case is awesome and so are the project bags! Thanks for sharing

  8. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing!
    Kate :}

  9. stop showing me nice things! don’t you have any consideration for my bank balance!!


  10. Hello Wink~ :)

    Thanks so much for introducing my little crochet case in this lovely lovely blog. I am so flattered~ Love the clean and clear outline and a beautiful banner. Awesome contents, too! You’re so~ talented!
    I am glad you like your new case. Hope you guys get along well and make good friends forever.
    Always happy stithing and see you around! xoxoxo!

  11. I just love your blog :> I visit every day because all those colours cheer me up! You inspire me to make mine better, especially as my crochet is my job now (I lost my job :<).