weekly mandala – week 19: lightform

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Hello! :)

As many of you know I use this website to generate colour palettes from pictures. In a newsletter from that same website was a link to this fabulous pattern called Lightform, made by moldypetunia & yoksel:
Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 11.45.51 AM
It immediately made my heart sing! The colours, the placement, the richness of it all – definitely weekly mandala material! I decided to go with a different pattern than usual (on Ravelry here) and ended up with this:

I wasn’t super happy with it. The outer brown edges were too dominant for my taste and the whole thing just came across as crowded.

Using my own mandala pattern I decided to give it another try. I used a little more colour this time, and a crazy long double crochet stitch (which involves wrapping your yarn around 10 times to make the stitch), resulting in this:

Yes! I like it!


I think it looks really cool! The long double crochet really makes it a unique piece, and I might use this technique again in other mandalas :)

Mandala made using Drops Paris cotton yarn, a 4mm Clover hook and a 4mm Tunisian hook, using a modified version of this free pattern; for this mandala I only made 7 rounds plus the border, and an elongated double crochet stitch (YO 10 times, work up 2 loops at a time) for the wedges.


ps Click here to see all the mandalas I’ve made so far! 

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  1. I really love the colors. I like how you modified the pattern.

  2. I loved the first one until I saw the second one, WOW!

  3. You did a wonderful job on this one. It’s beautiful! Liefs Else X

  4. es muy lindo!!! felicitaciones, la puntada larga no la entiendo, cómo la haces?
    un beso desde Argentina ♥

  5. Lovely!!
    i’ll surely make it.

  6. It’s magnificent. I love it!

  7. I like both mandalas, but I can totally see what you mean about the brown dominating the colours in the first mandala :) I like the pattern you have used for the second mandala too!

  8. This is so freaking lovely. Teach me your epic crochet ways!

  9. Gabrielle….I see Gabrielle….it is the word that comes out of me…Gabrielle…the Angle of the Lord that is on the right hand side of God. This resonates with the Knowing of the Reality of what a Mandala represents..<3 I am who I am I am all of who I am I am Saint Gabrieall….Gabrieall is on the Left hand side of God you have already depicted Gabrieall…I am in Florida and we are going to Have beautiful Red skies…because of the Intensity of the Light is why I know that you are a Genius to Know these things…Saint Gabrieall

  10. I agree I really like the second one, I will need to try and figure out that wrap stitch of the brown line. very neat.

  11. I love the second one, but I can´t understand the elongated double crochet. How can I do it?thanks for share

  12. That is fabulous WInk! I love the 2nd one too :)

  13. Hey Wink
    I love your blog, just discovered it, and already made a mandala myself!!
    Used your pattern ofcourse. Made a blog item, take a look http://www.dutchcottage.blogspot.com
    Thanks for your lovely inspiration!!

  14. Beautiful! That long crochet stitch could be called a Deca Crochet stitch or something haha!!! I love how your mandala looks exactly like your inspiration picture!
    Kate :}

  15. Great instincts as always Wink!

  16. This is awesome!
    Just found your mandala on pinterest now browsing your blog.
    Any chance you can describe how you did the elongated stiches please?

  17. I love it! surely is on my to-crochet list and i really like the “planning” pictures.. do you use a specific program?
    any ideas for photo color gallery?