book review: 500 crochet blocks

I treated myself to a new crochet book the other day: 500 Crochet Blocks by Hannah Elgie & Kath Webber! When I posted a picture on my Facebook page, a lot of you asked for a review, and I thought that was a good idea! :)

This book is super cute to begin with. Measuring at 16x16cms and having a little less than 300 pages, it’s the perfect coffee table companion.

It is divided into four sections: Back and Forth, Round and Round, Colour Work and Shaped Motifs.
Every project comes with one page of instructions and one page with a ‘lifestyle’ photo. And the cool thing is that each project also comes with variations of colour. At the end of each chapter are pages and pages of variations for all the projects in that chapter.

The projects in this book are cute and simple. Some of them we’ve seen before (but are still handy to have written down in a book) and some of them are new and adorable!
500crochetblocks-granny 500crochetblocks-stool 500crochetblocks-flower
There are also things in there like Tunisian crochet, which I know a lot of people are interested in trying.
The instructions are clear, and there’s a lengthy explanation of each stitch at the beginning of the book. It also touches on the subjects of weaving in the ends, the best way of starting your rounds and how to make simple shapes like circles and squares.

All in all, I like this book. It’s great for both beginners and more advanced crocheters, and it’s a great resource of cleverly written patterns. The photography is very inspiring; making this a wonderful reference book. It’s written using UK terminology.

It’s published by Search Press and is widely available in book stores and online shops like Amazon. It retails for about $11, and I think that’s a great price for what you’re getting :)
500crochetblocks-back 500crochetblocks-hardcover

I hope you liked this review! Let me know if you would like me to do more of these :)


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  1. c’est très bien pour débuter il nous faut les bases

  2. Leuk boek! :D had deze variant van “500…” nog nooit gezien. Formaat spreekt me aan, en zo te zien is de inhoud ook erg leuk…1 om te onthouden als cadeau-tip :D

  3. It seems an interesting book :)
    Thanks for sharing :)

    Have a beautiful day!!

    Lluisa x

  4. uou this seems perfect I will sure but it on my list! I even like the format, you see, it’s perfect for those summer projects you take with you on your holidays and it is easy to carry everywhere!

  5. I really enjoyed your review of this book as I am always interested in new books from an expert’s opinion. This helps me find new, fun resources for my ever burgeoning library! Thanks for the info!!

  6. Ohhh.. believe it or not, I just ordered this book today! Good to read I have bougth a good one:) because by buying online you can never look inside. byebye….dag;)

  7. I’ve been very interested in this book, but is it written in UK terms or U.S.?

    • Hey Amber, it’s written in UK terms but it comes with a conversion chart to US terms. Hope that helps :)

  8. Great review..thanks so much! {Wish it was written in U.S. terms}

  9. Thank you you sold me. I am off to go purchase the book. Yes please do more of this. It is a great help. Maybe If I google search I can figure out the U.S. Terms right?

    • Hey Kiki, the book comes with a chart that shows how to convert the stitches from UK to US terms :) But you can of course always Google it. It’s not that hard to convert the terms :)

  10. Thanks Wink – It does look like a great book :) I love book reviews – this book is now on my ‘to buy’ list :)

  11. It looks like a good book to get, I may consider getting one of these :)

    That is the difficult thing with getting books from the internet, its hard to judge whether you are going to get a good book or not.

  12. I just received my copy by post yesterday and can’t wait to try the patterns. Thanks for the review!

  13. I have had my eye on that book for a while now….thanks for the review!

  14. That is a lovely review Wink, thank you! I have popped in to visit your blog several times and am always so inspired by your work and your bubbling personality. Today I just had to let you know that I am so impressed with your article on ‘colour’ in Simply Crochet mag.. You make the study of the colour wheel so straightforward and simple and I’m sure it will be a huge benefit to many, including myself, even though I have studied colour in a ‘past life’ whilst in painting mode. A huge thanks to you! X Joy

    • Wow, thank you Joy for those wonderful words! I’m really happy you liked the article :) I will be in Simply Crochet in following issues again, so keep an eye out! :)

  15. HI Wink, loved your review, I just ordered it and cannot wait to get it.
    Thanks Rita.

  16. I love books and really like the review! So please keep doing them, or not… since it will cost me a lot of money in buying nice crochet books ;-)

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