knitting WIPs

I’m terrible with finishing knitting WIPs. There. I said it.

I’m currently working on two knitting WIPs, and because knitting is going very slowly for me, these WIPs are taking forever to finish. Having said that, I’m still having fun working on them! But because knitting is something I have yet to master, I really have to focus and keep my attention when working on them, and that is why it is taking so long!

The first WIP is one that I am embarrassed to say I have been working on since June 2012… Ouch! That’s almost a year! But, I have started on the final part of the pattern, which is the short rows.
colour-affection-shawl colour-affection-shawl-shortrows
I’m working this on lace yarn and teeny tiny needles, so that gives me a little credit, right? ;) I still love this shawl, it’s the Color Affection by Veera Valimaki.

The second knitting WIP is an amazing pattern that I’m making using some very delicious looking yarn from A Stash Addict (the skein on the right).
a stash addict yarn
I found this really cool pattern on Ravelry for a shawlette that is worked from the bottom up, meaning the rows get shorter as you work the pattern, which is the opposite of my Color Affection shawl. I thought this was a good idea because it means the shawl could be finished faster! Lest we forget, that the first row is 273 stitches long… Oh, and it also includes some of the most intricate knitting I have ever done! Terms like SSK, K2TOG, S2KP – stitches I had never done before. But, I persevered and am now on row 10. This pattern takes a LOT of concentration to get right, so you can imagine my delight when I saw those lovely peacock feathers emerge…
peacock_shawlette peacock_shawlette_closeup
I am so proud of myself, every time I look at it! And yes, I know I have a long way to go. But just imagine how gorgeous it will become :) The pattern is the Peacock Shawlette by Kitman Figueroa.

I have a question for you knitters out there; what is the best way to stick with these projects? I usually knit in the evening (because I crochet during the day) to relax and keep my mind busy, but because I have to focus so hard I only manage one or two rows per evening. What is the trick to knitting intricate patterns like this? It’s impossible to memorize… right?


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  1. c’est à force de le faire qu’on arrive à se passer du modèle mais au début on n’avance pas vite mais qu’est ce qu’un WIP

  2. You are so close to finishing that CA shawl, I think you should put aside a few hours and just get on with it. The pattern is pretty simple and relaxing, no? And it’s going to be SO amazing, you’ll feel really proud when you wear it. (Mine is my most worn shawl as it’s so lovely!)

    As for the Peacock Shawlette, well I haven’t made that one (yet!) but I find I’m better at getting things like that done (ie more complicated pattern that needs attention) when I am not too tired – so perhaps you could re-consider when you are working on it and aim to get a little done each day. Maybe a couple of rows each morning before you pick up the crochet? Do you think that might help?

    Also, on a practical level, I put my patterns in plastic sleeves and use washi tape to follow where I am on the chart or instructions so that I can see where I am very easily. The plastic makes it really easy to move the washi tape frequently.

    Good luck!

    • Thanks a lot Sarah! Those tips are really helpful :) And I think you’re right – I should do it in the morning instead of the evening. Will give that a try for sure!

  3. I am not a fan of knitting because it usually takes too long, and its too fiddly with having two needles.

    Sarah’s advice sounds great, so I hope to see some wonderful knitted FO from you soon…you are doing well!

  4. Wonderful WIPs! ♥ Love the colors, especially the combination you’ve chosen for the CA. I had started this shawl also some time ago and unraveled it because the border was too tight. Will start again sometime later ;-). Your wool looks very cozy and thicker than sock yarn, am I right? Looks great.
    About the knitting problem, I would suggest the same as Sarah: Try to do more complicated patterns at daytime. I think it depends on your personal daily habits and moods. For myself, it’s difficult to knit or crochet in the afternoon because of my son, his friends and so on. There’s always something going on. Evening hours are more quiet here ;-). Normally I knit or crochet while watching TV, but when having a more complicated pattern I turn the TV off and concentrate on my fingers ;-). If working the Peacock shawlette is too difficult in the evenings, just try to do it in the morning or afternoon instead of crocheting, and do the crochet in the evening ;-). That would be my suggestion.
    For the pattern, I’m working with ruler and pencil. I put the pattern paper on the coffee table (if the pattern is from a book, I make a copy), the ruler under the row I’m just knitting, and tick off every finished row. So everyone has another way to work best :-). I hope I could help!
    Happy knitting!
    xxx Nata

  5. Do you remember when you learned to crochet, it was new and it took a lot of thought. Knitting is the same, when you are new to it it takes more time. But once your brain and your hands get the feel of it you will be knitting away at a fast pace, completing things in record time. I say, knit first thing in the morning, when you are wide awake. Crochet in the evening when you can relax and get lots done. Switch it around a bit and you will see that you are soon able to do either one whenever you want.
    I think your knitting is great and it will only bring you many more options to play with yarn.

    • Thank you Meredith, that was exactly the insight I needed! :) One day I will be better at knitting, just like crochet!

  6. Good on you for persevering! I have that problem with knitting slow, but have much less self restraint and can’t help casting on more and more projects.

    Love the peacock pattern!

  7. Keep going! You’re doing so well!! It may seem like you’ll never be able to memorise the pattern, but if you keep doing it regularly it will become more natural and you won’t need the pattern as much. And above all, make sure that you remember to ENJOY it!!
    Happy knitting :) xx

  8. Gorgeous colours you have chosen to work with. :)

  9. No matter how long your WIP’s take… I love ’em all :)
    You always use beautiful colours!

  10. Beautiful colors as usual. I like to knit at night too however with complicated patterns I find I have to knit during the day when my mind is fresh.
    I get much too frustrated when I have to rip it all out because of errors!
    Thank you for all your inspiring projects. Your use of color is always awesome.

  11. I recommend that you knit during the day while you are not too tired. Practice will pay you eventually. After a while when you can see the pattern grow, it’s getting easier. Don’t forget to always count the stitches even on the wrong side to be sure you haven’t forgot a yo.

  12. I know your problem. For me knitting needs a lot of concentration and takes lots of time also! But when I see your projects it will be all worth it in the end..! Liefs Else X

  13. I am the same way about knitting as you are….I am really excited to start projects and then since I am such a slow knitter they take forever and I start crocheting something for some instant crafty gratification. Good luck finishing your wips!

  14. Wow! Je tweede WIP is echt prachtig! Ik brei nu ongeveer een jaar, maar voorlopig enkel recht en averecht. En inderdaad met dunne wol op dunne pennen, daar mag je wel een tijd over doen hoor! Succes ermee, ben erg benieuwd naar het eindresultaat. En hoe maak je trouwens van die strengen een bol?

    • Dank je Vivian! Ik gebruik een yarn winder om er een mooie yarn cake van te maken :) Het is even een werkje, maar dan heb je ook wat!

  15. I love your colours in the 1st shawl just gorgeous. I don’t know if this will help with your pattern at all, But if it repeats I tend to try and work out the maths of it (and I’m not the most mathmatical person) But I try to work it like crochet so the groups of pattern repeat stitches are in groups. That way when I’m counting I can memorize what number each stitch should be. Another trick I use with both knitting and crochet and you may already use as well is I count in 2 different languages. French for my repeats and english for the number of stitches in the repeat. Hope that helps. Can’t wait to see them all finished xx

  16. Hi wink
    Stitch markers will really help with the peacock pattern, if you place them after each pattern section you will have a visual reminder that the stitches change. Good luck with all your projects!