weekly mandala – week 20: lightform 2

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Hello! :)

Remember last week’s inspiration, this fabulous pattern called Lightform, made by moldypetunia & yoksel?
Screen shot 2013-03-31 at 11.45.51 AM
I decided to make the ‘other’ circle from the pattern as well, to match the weekly mandala from last week.



This week and last week together:
both-mandalas both-mandalas-closeup

I love this pattern :) And if you remember to make round 2 in back loops only, the long spokes are actually easier to make (I totally forgot this last week!).

Would you like me to write this mandala out into a proper pattern?

Mandala made using Drops Paris cotton yarn, a 4mm Clover hook and a 4mm Tunisian hook, using a modified version of this free pattern; for this mandala I only made 7 rounds plus the border, and an elongated double crochet stitch (YO 10 times, work up 2 loops at a time) for the wedges.


ps Click here to see all the mandalas I’ve made so far! 

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  1. Prachtig! Deze hoort er echt bij :)

  2. Love this and yes please! Pattern definitely!

  3. Oh my goodness YES! Please write out the pattern — this is beautiful!

  4. Wow,absolutely fabulous!!
    you rock !!!
    I’m gonna make this !

  5. ik ben nu aan mn 2e mandala bezig, en het is echt heeeel leuk om te doen.
    Maar in tegenstelling tot jou werk ik als het ware als een “kip zonder kop” zeg maar.
    Ook deze mandala toppie!!

  6. This is lovely, you are totally the Princess od Mandalas :D

  7. These are gorgeous! I really have to try overlay crochet once! Liefs Else X

  8. Yes please write it out, gorgeous ideas! Thank you!

  9. YES please! It’s gorgeous!

  10. They are absolutely gorgeous! I’m envious of your talent. You have such an awesome ey for color and pattern. Bravo!

  11. It’s just lovely! They both are! And yes, I would love it if you wrote out the pattern, then I can make some gorgeous mandalas too!! xx

  12. Fantastic!!!

  13. absolutely adorable! yes please, pretty please, do write it out into a proper pattern :)

  14. Wink this is a gorgeous mandala… just so different & YES would really appreciate it if you would have the time to write this pattern out Please… <3

  15. Your mandala’s are all so beautiful, I haven’t made one yet but I would love to, I wish there were more hours in the day! would love you to write out this pattern if you have the time. :)