cupcake garland giveaway

Remember that competition I asked you to vote for in the beginning of this year? My groovy-ghan pattern was nominated to win the Freubelaward 2012.

Well, I came in second and won some cool stuff, and I’m going to give away some of that stuff! :)
I got these really cool DIY crochet kits; one to make tiny cupcake boxes and one to make a cupcake garland. I also got a really cool cake stand, but it’s not in the picture because I was painting it at the time ;)
prizes-1 prizes-2

Because I have you to thank for my pattern coming in second, and because I love each and every one of you, I’m giving away the kit for the cupcake garland! :)
winners-take-1 winners-take-2
The kit consists of 4 balls of Schachenmayr Cotton Time yarn in the cutest cupcake colours and a pattern description. It’s in Dutch, but I’ll translate it to English for your convenience.

To win the cupcake kit, leave a comment on this blog post. This giveaway is open to everyone, and I will ship worldwide. The giveaway ends next Monday, when I will announce the winner.

Good luck everyone, and thanks again for voting for me! You rule :)


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  1. Ooh congratulations on getting a second :) and what a wonderful giveaway, the colours are gorgeous :)

  2. this is beautiful , I really hope that i’m the lucky one to win this !

  3. love the things you make xx

  4. Congratulations on your great finish in the contest!

  5. Its very kind of you to share this kit!! The colours are amazing!! Thanks for share and sorry if my english is not clear-i am from Argentina and a fan of your mandalas!!!

  6. I would love to win this! Thank you!

  7. Super dat je 2e bent geworden. Ik doe graag mee aan je giveaway!

    Groetjs Franca

  8. Congratulations! Love the colours of the giveaway and it looks like it will be a lovely yarn to work with.

  9. Congratulations! I really love your patterns! And I thank you for this wonderful opportunity! All the best!

  10. I voted for your Groovy Ghan, because I love the pattern. I finished my ghan some time ago and I really love it. I would love to win….


  11. Well done Wink, you’re such an inspiration….what a wonderful prize this would be to win!………..I have now made two mandalas thanks to your pattern :)

  12. You have a great blog, I love it. Giveaway is just the top of it… Let see whether Im lucky enough!

  13. Those would

  14. Oops! My comment didn’t post correctly. Those would be adorable!

  15. This would be so great to make for my granddaughters bedroom. They are moving from an apartment to a house and the budget for decorating is very small. I would love to be able to make this and send it to her. I have never won a give-a-way contest…or any contest for that matter….before. So what the heck, there is a first time for everything!

  16. Yay congrats! That garland kit is the cuuuutest :)

  17. Ik doe graag mee,aan de giveaway

  18. Congratulations!!!! I’m going to be shameless here and beg you to pick me to win the cupcake garland set! It’s my birthday on the 19th, and what’s better than winning yarn as a bday treat?

  19. Congratulations! And what a generous giveaway :-) I hadn’t seen your pattern before – must add that to my Make List!!

  20. Ah Wink, congratulations and what lovely prizes! Your groovy-ghan is gorgeous! It’s really sweet of you to be doing a giveaway. Joy

  21. I’ve just discovered your wonderfully inspiring blog… it!

  22. Wooow!!!! hermoso material, bellos colores y precioso diseño. Gracias por el sorteo de este kit maravilloso. Valeria, desde Argentina.

  23. I Am in! Love the site

  24. Congratulations!!!
    Just love those colours together

  25. Ooooh, I would love this!! Please enter me and congratulations!!

  26. congrats on your win! what a cute kit!

  27. Would love a shot at this! Thanks :)

  28. You are an amazing inspiration, thank you for sharing.

  29. Congratulations on your win Wink!

    I would love to be entered in your giveaway. Thank you for offering. :)

  30. You are constantly inspiring me with all your beautiful creations! I’m itching to get started on a mandala and a rug! I

  31. Congratulations! You make such lovely things, I’m glad to see you got some recognition!

  32. OHHHHHH count me in, I love the colors.

  33. Congratulations on the win! You’re so creative!

  34. Congrats! Love your blog.

  35. Well done , i really love your blog

  36. Congratulations! I really enjoy reading your blog, it’s so inspirational and colorful :)

  37. Congrats! I would love to win your cupcake kit~! Love your blog too!

  38. I love the colors! Just like you, my mind ran with pattern possibilities! (Yes, even a mandala!) The cupcake garland is adorable too!

  39. How neat! Love the little cupcake garland, and a kit is such a great idea. Would love to be included in your little giveaway. I so enjoy seeing everything you make!

  40. your giveaway is really generous!!! Sharing is caring!!! ;oD
    thank you, xxxx Ale

  41. Oh, wat super!! En gefeliciteerd! Ik doe graag mee! Liefs, Nancy

  42. Congratulations on coming second, very well deserved! I am currently working my second groovy-Ghan in different colourschemes :)

  43. Congratulations on your win! I really love your groovyghan! I have been collecting colours to make one for my friend. I LOVE reading your blog posts and I think you are truly talented!

  44. Congrats to you:0) I love your projects, they are always so colorful.

  45. The pattern is adorable and the colors are scrumptious!

  46. Congratulations for your second place!!! I love so much that groovy-ghan pattern of yours is something I must try soon. I would love to enter in the give away, in my city can’t find such wonderfull colours. Love peace and crochet Gabriela

  47. Congrats! Thank you so much for your generous opportunity! Such a cute kit. <3

  48. I love the colors of the giveaway!! Please enter me to the contest and congratulations for your wonderful blog!!

  49. I so want to win this!! Your blog always makes me feel happy! Pretty colors and patterns, and congratulations to you for your award!

  50. I would be so happy to win this. Congrats on second place but clearly you’re #1 in our hearts!

  51. I am new to your site and am really enjoying it!

  52. Love the colors in the kit! I would love to have it :)

  53. Congrats on winning second place! I’m a big fan of your blog and would love to enter the giveaway. :)

  54. Congrats on your win! Love these colors!

  55. Love the colors, so kind of you to share..thanks

  56. Congratulations!! these colours are so yummie…I love it!
    Thank you for the giveaway.

  57. Would be nice to win these colors

  58. Congrats! That’s awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  59. You’re awesome! I always love your stuff!

  60. You have the biggest HEART!! Congrats on 2nd!

  61. congratulations! i really love your blanket. thanks for the opportunity to win this kit!

  62. That is pretty awesome, although I totally think you should have been first :D just sayin’ x

    The kit is very cute, and its generous that you are giving it away :)

  63. oh congratulations!!!!
    and thanks for the giveaway ,
    kisses for you from Argentina ♥

  64. How exciting winning all that stuff – congratulations!! I’d love to be entered to try and win the cupcake kit, it’s very pretty, and I’d make it for my small daughter to decorate her bedroom. Many thanks, Jane :D

  65. Felicitaciones!! por tus logros y por tu generocidad!!!
    Muchas gracias por la oportunidad! besos!!

  66. Congratulations and thank you for sharing with us. I love that you always share patterns and now this!! You are too much. Hope I win, Cindy, Florida

  67. Congratulations :) and how sweet of you to share your prize!

  68. What a fun little project! Thanks for the giveaway.

  69. Woww…thats really great win!!!
    Congrats to you….beautiful kit!

  70. Congratulations – lovely giveaway thank you

    TracyC611 on ravelry

  71. What wonderful colors, and how kind of you to share. I know a dear person who would be over the moon with the finished cupcake…fingers crossed.

  72. congratulations! and thanks for being so generous with your giveaways!

  73. Congratulations! You deserve it. I would love to win this kit because I would make it to use as a decoration for my daughter’s birthday parties for at least the next ten years. :)

  74. Congrats! I’m so glad you won & how nice to be doing a give-a-way :)

  75. Congrats on winning second place!!! It’s awesome that you’re doing a giveaway. Thank you. :-)

  76. I’ve never heard of that cotton yarn before I must find it and try it….lovely yummy colors…

  77. only just taught myself to crochet and I love it your designs and colours are beautiful would love to win it would be awesome :)

  78. Wow! Congratulations! And how kind of you to do a giveaway. :-)

  79. congratulations on coming in second .The afghan is so lovely I only just saw it a few weeks ago on Simply Crochet.It is so easy to make too,thanks for sharing the pattern with everyone:-)Happy Crocheting

  80. Wat lief! Je afghan is ook echt wel een winnaar hoor. Hij staat hier op de todo list, maar eerst de regenboog ripple :0)

  81. Wow! This kit looks gorgeous :) Well done you for getting second place and winning some lovely goodies. Thank you so much for a wonderful giveaway :) xxx

  82. Love to see your post on my fb feed. Your mandalas make me smile.

  83. Congratulations! I LOVE your blog and all your gorgeous work. What a fantastic giveaway, those yarn colors are yummy!

  84. que bom, eu quero participar desse sorteio, já que fui uma das que votou no seu trabalho.
    amo as coisas que você faz e as mandalas são um espetáculo.
    beijinhos de portugal

  85. Congratulation Wink you deserved to win your groovy-ghan is beautiful. I would love to win this cos I’m not allowed to buy yarn as I’m stash-busting haha

  86. Generous Wink. You’re the greatest. Love your mandalas. I’ve started on my mandala collection and really enjoying it.
    Congratulations on your WIN !

  87. Very nice to win and then share with others. You do your parents proud :)

  88. Ik heb ook op je gestemd toen! En ik snap nog steeds niet dat je niet hebt gewonnen…

  89. Congrats Wink .You deserve them for all the wonderful splashes of colour so intricately combined with an artists heart and a crafters hand.Always love your mandalas .They inspire me

  90. Congratulations for second place! I voted for you, and would have given you first place, if it were up to me. :)

  91. Well done Wink. I voted for you and it was definitely a 1st place as far as I’m concerned

  92. Congratulations – I love the kit, pretty colours, thank you for the great give-away!

  93. Well Done ! I would really love to win this

  94. I would love to win :) congrats on 2nd!

  95. Congrats! so exciting. I am pretty new to your blog but I would love a chance to win the kit. Thanks,

  96. I’d love to win this kit. It would look adorable in my little girl’s room. She is a huge fan of anything sweet…including cupcakes, of course!

  97. Congratulations !!! I love what you do and I love cupcakes :-) I would love to be picked up ;-) And again, congratulations and thanks for your gift !

  98. Congratulations on being second ! Of misschien beter in Nederlands ? Van harte gefeliciteerd ! Ik doe heel graag mee met deze give-away. Marjan

  99. yay congrats on 2nd place, stunning pieces! xxx

  100. Your color choices and creativity make me happy. Thank you for sharing.

  101. I love checking your blog to see what you’ve done next. You have such style. Thank you for sharing.

  102. Oooooh, I am thinking of my wonderful 10-year-old daughter, a total cupcake baking addict who just recently learned to crochet. She would LOVELOVELOVE this! Your blog is fantastic and always puts a smile on my face. :-)

  103. Congratulations Wink – you’re such an inspiration to us all, that I’m not surprised that you came second! Thank you for all your hard work and for sharing your ideas with us. The cupcake kit is adorable, thanks for sharing your prize with the rest of us :)

  104. Congrats! Such yummy colors! Thanks for sharing.

  105. Felicidades!!!te lo mereces por ser tan generosa y compartir.gracias

  106. Would have loved for you to come in first, but loved your blanket just the same!

  107. Congratulations! That is awesome amd am very happy for you!
    You do make beautiful and absolutely beautiful things!

  108. You’re 1st in my book! Congratulations!

  109. Congratulations! I can’t imagine what beat out your groovy-ghan. It’s fabulous!

  110. Congratulations on your win and thanks for sharing it with some lucky person…….

  111. Congratulations and thanks for sharing this great giveaway!!

  112. Seeing as I only started following you yesterday, I did not vote for you or anyone else! Just imagine how many times I would vote for you if I won one of your giveaways! Lol! Seriously though, your work is wonderful! Thank you for sharing with us all.

  113. This looks awesome, what a kind gesture!

  114. Im sorry you didn’t win, I think the groovyghan deserved it!! Cant believe you’re giving away some of your prizes though, so sweet!

  115. Congratulations on 2nd place. The groovyghan is absolutely an amazing piece! I will be examining my yarn stash to see how many colors I can put into one myself. You are very sweet to give away one of your prizes. I have only just found your blog, and am excited to follow your work.

  116. Congratulations. I love your work :-D

  117. Congrats on ur 2nd place :) x

  118. Congratulations! I love seeing the colourful and creative pieces you share with us!

  119. Your crochet work is so incredible! You have extreme talent! Thank you for offering this giveaway – very generous of you!

  120. I love looking at your blog, so bright and colourful

  121. Wonderful achievement. Looking forward to all your updates.

  122. Congratuations! Love the cupcake yarn colours. x

  123. Geen wonder dat je tweede bent geworden, want je deken is helemaal te gek.

  124. Congratulation. Beautiful colors.

  125. Hey Wink, Your groovy ghan is definitly prize worthy, it had to be first prize!!
    So this giveaway your having: I’m up for it. Love yarn and anything crafty, so I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  126. So nice that you are sharing your winnings…I just found your blog about two months ago.
    Your patterns are awesome! Exciting to read what you are working on. Thanks for all you do and share!

  127. Congratulations! Beautiful prizes and its very sweet of you to share them! I have my little fingers crossed! Have a wonderful day!

  128. Ooooooo!!! the colors are so pretty, we don’t have that brand of cotton yarn here… I would love to win them

  129. Van HARTE gefeliciteerd met je tweede plaats! Ik doe graag mee aan je giveaway!

  130. How exciting loving the colours ty for the chance!

  131. the colors are so yummmyyyy. it would look awesome in my daughters room. keeping my fingers crossed.

  132. Oh this would be a joy. Would dearly love to win. Shaz xx

  133. Ik vind je deken en je blog helemaal super. Ik heb je deken al vaak voorbij zien komen in diverse groepen, een heel geliefd patroon over de hele wereld =)

  134. “Cupcakes” that was the one line my son had in the Hobbit play when he was little. It’s become a refrain we use often in the family….he’s 18 and away at college for his first year….so this reminds me of him!

  135. Congratulations! You deserve it, and again congrats for being featured in Simply Crochet! Xx

  136. That’s a neat looking kit. I’m so glad you came in at second. Love the colors!

  137. oooh please let me be lucky… :)

  138. Love your blog! Keeps me inspired!

  139. I love your blog and love watching your creative process. I have just learned to crochet and would love to use the kit!!!

  140. Congratulations and coming in second… Adorable prizes you’ve won and thank you for putting up one to win. Such great colors and would love to make these and give yo my mom for mother’s day!!

  141. Congratulations! And thanks so much for sharing your well deserved prize. Nice. I love following you around to see what your up too.

  142. So cute! They look fun to make.

  143. Awesome that you won! So kind of you to share that joy with all of us…thank you…now lets eat cake, oh I mean make cake…oh, no, I mean CUPCAKES! Yay

  144. i love it ! .. my fav colour, can’t wait to crochet it ;)

  145. What a great giveaway. Yarn cupcakes. Love it!
    lindarumsey on Ravelry

  146. Fun project.

  147. Many congratulations on your win live the cupcake kit. Hope I’m the lucky one

  148. gorgeous colours in the kit – love your coaster patterns

  149. Oooh, coming in just under the wire! Congrats on 2nd place!

  150. Inspiration! Color! Imagination! Technology! Functionality! Gifting! Sharing! Friendship! Stamina!

    When my BFF sent me a link to your blog which she found in a magazine article, I thought…here it comes…just another pattern with a link to a site that still leaves me, a beginner, stumped, frustrated, and ready to throw in the towel. Well…. NO WAY! Wink you are an amazing artist dedicated to your craft. What I like best about your blog, your site, you…is you incorporate technology without arrogance, your designs are clean and crisp and reflect yarn crafting as attainable, you offer a piece of yourself with no cost to the masses to encourage those who are intimidated or those who simply want to do what you’ve done, and your humble.

    Other than that…my intro is how I feel about this treasure of a link I got today. Thank you to my Bestie, April, for pointing me to Wink. I’m positively recharged and can’t wait till our next 5 hour FaceTime knit & crochet fest! After all…the distance, 2600 miles, can’t keep is apart with Artists like this at our disposal!