I Love Holland

By now I’m sure you’ve all heard that The Netherlands is saying goodbye to Queen Beatrix, and saying hello to King Willem Alexander! Exciting times for our little country by the sea :)

To celebrate this, I’ve designed my first mandala pattern to share with you all: the I Love Holland mandala!
Inspired by Dutch tulip fields, this mandala will brighten up your home in an instant.

This pattern has 16 pages, all with big colour photos and clear instructions. It even includes a Cheat Sheet at the end for those fast readers!
i-love-holland_mandala-closeup i-love-holland_supplies

It’s available now from Ravelry, Etsy and Craftsy. There’s a special discount for you, my lovely blog readers; in my Etsy shop and my Ravelry shop please use coupon code ‘ILOVEHOLLAND‘ for 50% off! But hurry, this coupon expires by April 25th!

buy-on-ravelry buy-on-etsy buy-on-craftsy
The pattern is available as in instant download, so no more waiting for me to email you the pattern.

I’m planning on releasing a lot more mandala patterns this year, so stay tuned! :)

Thank you my lovely readers, for giving me the confidence every day to continue blogging and designing. I love you!


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  1. bright and cheerful!!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  2. So pretty. Just ordered the pattern. My bestie LOVES tulips, guess what she’s getting for christmas??

  3. Beautiful piece!!

  4. Just beautiful creation !!!!

  5. I just got it thanks so much. This is beautiful as usual. What a nice discount too:)

  6. Leve WA…. oftewel Willem Alexander:) It is a beautifull mandala, love it.

  7. Wat een mooie mandala. Ik zou het patroon graag kopen, maar heb geen paypal. ik er ook een andere manier? Ik zou deze graag voor mijn moeder maken voor moederdag. Ze zou het prachtig vinden! Groetjes Jessica

  8. Dear Wink
    You are going to have to publish your gorgeous mandalas into a book one day! I am a hopeless crochet person. I need someone with me to do the work; I can follow instructions, but I am a read, see and practice type of person, so I need to be shown as well.
    I think your work is beautiful and use of colour inspirational.

  9. Very pretty! Love it. Congratulations on your first published pattern :)

  10. This pattern is beautiful and I love all of the colours :)

  11. Lovely Wink… I love how you write your patterns – so easy to understand… Good luck with making more… will be so looking forward to them… <3

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