take a walk with me

Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. I have a big deadline this week, so unfortunately no crochet from me today because I am too busy with that. But I did take a walk yesterday, and I took some photos, and I want to share those with you :)

It was a gorgeous day, sunny, not too hot but sunglasses were definitely needed, and I needed to get out of the house for a bit. I took D and my camera with me, and I took pictures of my gorgeous neighbourhood. Sometimes it’s nice to go out and appreciate the beauty that is around you. Me and D live in an apartment building by a fairly busy road, but it only takes about 10 steps to reach the water:
This is a great place to go for walks. The water goes on forever and ever, and you can pretty much follow it all around our city. The highway is just behind those trees, but you can hardly hear it and the best thing is, you can’t see it!

To get to the water, you have to walk through this arch of trees:
A lot of people walk their dogs here, or teach their kids how to cycle here (3 different sets of parent & child were spotted that day). It’s a lovely path, right in between sets of houses and crossing some roads, but still it almost feels like walking in a forest. I love this path :)

A lot of different flowers are to be seen in the same area:
just-daisies yellow-succulents white-blossoms
I think they are all just gorgeous. I have no green thumb whatsoever, so I’m really happy that I can just go outside to enjoy some flowers.

And then there are the blossoms. These trees are by the road we live on, and they only blossom for a week, so I’m thrilled that I actually remembered to take pictures of them this time.
cherry-blossoms pink-blossoms
All of that beauty, right outside our window.

I thought that was pretty awesome :) Have a great week everyone!


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  1. Thats really pretty pictures from you !!!
    Loved all !!

  2. Beautiful! Good luck with your deadline and I hope you get time to go for a few more walks to enjoy the spring sunshine :D x

  3. How pretty! I love this time of the year although this year is not a normal year… It is different. I enjoyed walking with you today. Lets walk again soon. :D

  4. Nice pictures!!!! I did the same yesterday (see: http://ellebel5.blogspot.nl/2013/04/het-voorjaar-is-begonnen.html) ;-)

    Groetjes van Ellebel

  5. quelle belle promenade pour nous hier c’était la pluie

  6. Super Pretty!! Favorite. pic is the cherry blossom tree. :)

  7. Cherry blossom trees are my favourite tress, because they look beautiful when they blossom and I enjoy watching them shedding petals in a gentle wind! Looks like you had a good walk, I think people need to do this more often!

  8. Beautiful photos, was nice have that walk with you :)

    Have a great week!!

    Lluisa x

  9. How beautiful and calming to have such a walk so close by home – lovely that you could take time to enjoy it Wink. Good luck with meeting your deadline – I’m sure you will! Joy x

  10. So good to take a walk sometimes…clears the head in the best way……
    I am so amazed and grateful that you took the time out to comment on my little old mandala blog post….it was like having the queen drop round for tea….Bestest weekend wishes to you…Daisy J
    Ps I have a new respect for mandalas now and have even learnt to spell them correctly xx