a day in the park

On Monday I wanted to relax, and unwind, and just be by myself, and have some peace and quiet. So I hopped on my bike and went to the woods, hoping to find a place to sit and crochet. I cycled around for about an hour until I gave up; there just weren’t any places to sit! It was however very nice and quiet there though.
A little bummed, I called a friend and asked her to come sit in the (also lovely, but much less quiet) park with me.
park-view crochet-tools
Lucky for me she brought something to sit on; the grass was still a bit damp. She also brought her crochet hook case (made by yours truly for her birthday a while ago) and her kids and husband, and it was real fun sitting in the sun for a while! We talked and ate and crocheted; it was very nice being outside for the day.

I tested a pattern for a friend of mine while I was in the park, using scraps of yarn.
mandala-finished mandala mandala_close-up
I have a few small suggestions to make this pattern even better, but it’s amazing as is, don’t you think?  I’ll give a shout here when the pattern is available; you will love it :)

Have a great week everyone!


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  1. Just lovely, Wink! I felt I was there!! And the block looks intricate!! Loved loved loved the mandala! Thank you for it!! Lu in Australia

  2. Crafting outside (and with a friend) is a really lovely way to relax isn’t it?

  3. i love your new pattern, its very nice indeed. how would you use it?cant wait for teh pattern :)

  4. Sounds like a lovely day, and your friend’s pattern is very pretty. Can’t wait to see a finalised result :)

  5. tout lieu est bon pour faire un ouvrage et quand il fait beau il faut profiter

  6. I already love it!

  7. It’s beautiful! :)