free printables!

Remember my goals for this year? One of those goals was to create free printables for you guys. I wanted to make a tag that you could keep with your ongoing projects (or WIPS) where you would write down what yarn you were using, what hook size, and other details about the projects.

Well, I made them! :)
printed-out-project-tags cut-out-project-tags
You can print them on A4 sized paper, and cut them out. There are 10 tags on one page. I used colored card stock to print my tags, but you could also use regular printer paper. I punched out holes in the corner of each card, and voila! :) Cute huh?

The little crochet girl on the tags is a design that D made for me a while ago. I’ve always wanted to use it on my blog but I never really had room for her. But she is perfect for these tags, don’t you think?
This is how I use my tags; tie a string, piece of yarn or a ribbon to your tag and attach it to your project, WIP, or basket. This way you’ll always have all the vital information at the ready.
noro-project-with-tag printable-tag-in-use
Tags include room for: the project name, yarn, hook size, made for, and notes, such as the start date, or where you got the yarn.

You can download the free PDF here.

Have fun! :)


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  1. wow…great !!!
    Thank you so much.:)

  2. Perfect for ‘crochet rockstar’s’ birthday! Thank you!!!
    Xo Naomi

  3. These are so great! My hooks always come out of my projects, and then I can’t remember what size to use. These will definitely come in handy. Thank you!!!

  4. Great idea! I will certainly use these. Thank you!

  5. Ohh Wink your such a treasure… always coming up with something new for your hooky mates… Thank You n yes I love your little Hooky Girl… you really need to put her somewhere exciting on your banner or something… <3

  6. What a great idea, you clever girl Wink! Thank you! Joy

  7. Very good idea – thanks for sharing these little cards. :)

  8. This is such a cute idea. Thank you for making and sharing them. :)

  9. What a fabulous idea thank you Wink! xx

  10. Hoi Wink,
    Via het blog van Nicollie kwam ik op jouw blog….en je Etsy….en je Facebook….en je Pinterest….en driftig klikte ik overal op volgen/vind ik leuk etc. Het lijkt wel of ik je stalk, maar vrees niet, ik vind het gewoon allemaal superleuk wat je maakt, aangezien ik zelf ook een ‘creatieve maniak’ ben. Bij mij ontbreekt alleen de tijd om het allemaal te bloggen of elders te plaatsen. Maar ik volg jou vanaf nu dus zo’n beetje overal. Ik wens je veel creativiteit en als ik je Tulpen mandala gemaakt heb, probeer ik het je ergens te showen, het patroon zag er in ieder geval fantastisch uit! Un saludo uit Andalusië, Floortje
    P.s. je tags ga ik zo ook downloaden, wat een super goed idee. Ik kan mezelf namelijk ook nooit beheersen tot 1 project ;)

    • Hoi Floortje! :) Welkom! Wat leuk dat je me overal volgt, ik zag inderdaad al her en der wat likes en follows voorbij komen ;) Bedankt voor je aankoop; ik ben benieuwd naar je (hopelijk Spaans-getinte) tulpenmandala!

  11. What a great idea! Very handy! Liefs Else X

  12. What a great idea. I’m going to make them in to a tag book and stick a little photo on the back of each tag too.
    Thank you! x

  13. This is such a wonderful idea. I am always starting projects and not sticking with them. Then the hook gets moved, the pattern set aside and these ufo’s get the better of me.

  14. Brilliant Wink! I’ve got a project in my cupboard that has been there for years and the hook isn’t with it and I’ve got no idea which hook I was using. My tension is such that I can’t do DK/8ply with a 4.00mm, I just can’t remember whether I was on a 3, 3.5 or 4.5. I guess I will have to do a test run!
    However, I will be printing out your cute little tags! Thank you so much.

  15. Great idea Wink,thanks xxx

  16. thank you so much – its such a nice idea..p.s@ i loved your project in the there a pattern for it?

  17. Thank you Thank you thank you….was thinking of tieing on scrapsof paper these are the bestest…..Daisy xx
    PS will blog and link later to show you how I have used them…..xxxx

  18. These are fab! On my printer right now. So happy I found your blog (and Instagram and FB) today (via a Ravelry link to a gorgeous Mandula floor rug).