these days


This is pretty much what my days this week have looked like so far. I’m still working on my Noro shawl; it’s a pattern from this Crochet Noro book and I’m using Rowan Siena cotton yarn to make it. I was gifted this yarn for my birthday by my sister and it is just so lovely! It calls for a 3mm hook size, a size that I consider to be small, but still I love working with it. When this shawl is finished, it will be the perfect summer accessory. That is, if it ever becomes summer. I don’t know about the weather in your parts of the world, but around here it’s been nothing but cold and rain!

I got this crazy psychedelic Kaffe Fasset fabric! Staring at it is like taking acid (I imagine). But I love the vibrant colours and crazy patterns; it will be the perfect lining for a bag I’m about to make. I ordered 5 different skeins of Noro Silk Garden Lite to make it; when they’ve arrived I’ll showcase them here. I plan to make a simple bag with it using solid squares, and then embellish it with wonderful beads, lace ribbons and perhaps buttons… I’ve got lots of ideas for this bag. If only the yarn would get here; my fingers are itching to get started! When this bag is finished I may keep it for myself, or I may put it in my Etsy shop.

And then, there’s music. I have been bitten (yet again) by the flute virus. That happens every once in a while, and this time it’s for real. I’ve signed up for flute lessons and I start after the summer. I’ve also contacted a former flute orchestra I used to play in, and they were happy to invite me back! So come June, I’m playing there again, which I am super stoked about. Some of you know my flute history (I’ve blogged about it a little here) and know that it has always been a dream of me, to one day attend music school. I have no idea if that will happen this time around, but I am sure going to try my best. I just want to play music!

What are your plans for this week? Does the sun shine where you are? (and if it does, could you maybe send a little this way?)


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  1. Super !!!
    Wonderful !!!
    Fabulous !!!!

  2. Your shawl is looking lovely!! Good luck with your music!!
    Kate :}

  3. Love your blog and your crochet. I knit and crochet and also played the flute in high school and part of college, many many years ago. I had always dreamed of playing in an orchestra once I retired, however, have forgotten that dream until you mentioned the flute. You are also inspiring me to get my blog going this year!

  4. Wat een prachtige sjaal ben je aan het haken! Ik zou je met liefde wat zon sturen….maar zelfs hier in Spanje is ‘ie al een paar dagen zo goed als ‘op’! We hebben zelfs regen en koude wind. Maar ja, ik mag niet klagen, want ik weet zeker dat het hier zomer gaat worden!
    Je stof ik geweldig! Ik deel je liefde voor kleurige dingen en zou ook kunnen dromen van een tas met deze binnenkant…
    Fantastisch om zelf muziek te kunnen maken! Wij hebben hier vaak muzikanten op het land en dan ben ik altijd een klein beetje jaloers….ik kan dan alleen meeklappen…en de Sevillana dansen, dat dan weer wel ;). Fijn weekend! Groetjes, Floortje

  5. Oh wow your crocheting is absolutely fabulous. I just found your blog and it rocks! Also, I play the flute as well. So bonjour from a fellow crocheter/flutist!