happy wips

Sometimes, your WIPs make you sad, and other times, WIPs make you happy. I currently have a couple of WIPs that are making me very happy indeed!

As some of you who follow me on Facebook/Instagram have already seen, my Noro bag is nearing completion.



I LOVE how it looks! I love all the bright colours, combined with the muted, softer tones. I used a navy green colour to join the squares and I think it really helps bring out all the vibrance. I’m planning on embellishing my bag with a combination of the following items:



Some feathers, some raw gemstones, hemp rope, and that gorgeous Kaffe Fasset fabric as lining. The bag will have one of these cute labels on the inside, made by my friend Nicollie.

While I was out gathering the feathers and the other embellishments, I couldn’t help myself and purchased a fabulous skein of gradient rainbow yarn. I got this at a local yarn shop (LYS) in Zwolle, The Netherlands but the yarn is actually from Estonia. It’s 100% wool, and it was a 263 gs skein, which I wound up in a center-pull cake, making it the biggest yarn cake I have EVER made!



The project I’m making with it is called the Festival Shawl, and is on Ravelry here, for free. It’s crochet and calls for fingering weight yarn and a 5mm hook, so I’m hoping this will be a nice and quick project! Already the colour change has begun, and the pattern is interesting enough to keep me happy making it (so no boring repeats of the same row over and over).

Oh, and one more thing making me reaaally happy this week: my Zatchel finally made it’s way to my doorstep yesterday! This fab UK based company had a massive sale about a month ago and I couldn’t resist. I mean, who wouldn’t want to own a gorgeous handmade daffodil yellow satchel?



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  1. Love your work!! :) And I would love to get my fingers on that rainbow yarn you’ve got there!

  2. I am so excited to see this shawl come together! and that bag is to die for as well! I love variegated yarn! it really does make boring WIPs way more fun! <3

  3. Such a bright and colorful post! Your Noro bag is looking amazing, and can’t wait to see your shawl progress! And I love that Zatchel!!
    Have a great weekend!
    Kate :}

  4. Wow, everything in your post today is stunning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That shawl has me drooling.

  5. Wow the bag looks amazing!!! And I’m very jealous of the rainbow gradient, I’ve never seen any in the UK!
    i tried making the festival shawl last year and it all went terribly wrong, there’s now an errata on the main ravelry page, so make sure you don’t miss it like me!!

  6. I love the bag already, and the trinkets you are embellishing it with will be just too cool. I can hardly stand it having to wait. Have fun with it. Enjoy the process!

  7. One of my favorite inspiring places to visit. Thanks much!

  8. These are very happy WIPs indeed! That satchel will make a great crochet bag too!

    I’ve got a few crochet and one sewing WIP that are keeping me busy right now.

  9. OOOhhh….loving that yarn cake w/shawl!
    Makes me really want one of my own!

  10. I know Zwolle. I’ve been there once, totally exhausted after a bike race against the wind and an old local man. We lost. And decided to give up and take the train. ;-)
    The bag and the newly bought yarn are beautiful. have a nice weekend. Regula

  11. I just found you today and so love your bright colours and beautiful patterns. I need to follow you I think.

  12. I’m back staring at your bag again. You’ve inspired me to drag out two balls of Noro I’ve had stashed FOREVER and see if I can make one. Can’t wait to see your finished bag and how you embellish it. I’ll have to go shop for some embellishments for mine. I need some inspiration for that too now. I’ll just go with the flow and see what my soul conjures up!

  13. Fabulous, you are inspirational, thank you

  14. You know what the funny thing is? About 2 or 3 years back I went to Estonia f and I brought similar gorgeous yarn. Rainbow, about 250 grams, similar texture… Looks a lot like this one! The man who sold it had other gorgeous skeins as well (Sidenote, if you ever want to go to a crafty capital, Talinn has a craftshop or studio on every corner of every street… awesome! Too bad I could only be there for 1 day)

    Well I’m sure to check the progress on your shawl because I never found the right project for it… Might be this is the one!

  15. I love everything about this – of course the satchel and the Noro and the Kauni are all things you know I like already … but the labels!?!?! LOVE them!!!!!!! Absolutely gorgeous. I can’t wait to see them on your bag.

  16. Your Estonian yarn is gorgeous! And how do you make your yarn cakes?
    As always, completely enthralled :-)

  17. Love your Zatchell. I have a purple one!!
    Im knitting with the same yarn, you can get it in the UL at http://www.skdyarns.net