made: noro boho bag

I truly achieved something this week: I sewed a lining in a bag! Usually, this is something I need a little help with (and okay, I did get some help) but I sewed it in without a watchful eye hovering over my shoulder. And the best part: it looks amazing! I used Kaffe Fasset fabric for the lining, which is one of the most awesome looking fabrics out there.

And with the lining done, all my Noro bag needed was some embellishments and a pair of handles, meaning that it’s finished!






Pattern: 24 Regular crochet squares crocheted together
Hook size: 4mm
Yarn: Noro Silk Garden Lite, about 3 skeins in total (but 5 were used to get the best colour palette)
Time: About a month from start to finish
Happiness level: In love

This bag is just so special. I got the embellishments from different stores and locations, so for me it already has that traveler-vibe going on. There’s a big feather on it with a raw crystal gemstone attached to it using hemp rope. There’s also some beads and a special feather charm. I used 5 different skeins of Noro to crochet the squares. I got between 7-10 squares from each skein, and then I selected the most groovy squares to be part of the final 24 that I needed to make the bag.
The lining ofcourse was made using Kaffe Fasset fabric; if you’ve never heard of him I recommend you go and Google him right now – he is one of my biggest colour inspirations! The handles are brown leather, and they are very very comfortable. The bag closes with a yarn loop around a big glazed bamboo button. This bag is about 14 inches wide and long.



Because I already treated myself to a Noro bag once, I’m putting this lovely in my Etsy shop! :)

I’ve said it before but I will say it again. Noro, you make the world go round ♥


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  1. That’s so beautiful! Love it

  2. is beautiful! small details make the difference!

  3. wow it’s so beautiful!! I just love it

    Lluisa x

  4. I love this…so kool, really would like the patteren, please..please

  5. Oh, YAY! Your sewing now too! It looks great. Going the extra mile and lining the bag is a great touch for sure!

  6. I was really proud when I sewed a lining into my bag too! Love this one – might have to make something similar. So many ideas and inspiration collected, but not enough hours in the day! x

  7. beautiful bag – so clever just perfect x

  8. WOW! :) Mocht je er ooit nog een willen maken… ;)

  9. this is the most beautiful crocheted hand bag i saw :) its so nice :) can you please teach us how to sew a lining?do you need a sewing machine or can it be done by hand too?

  10. Ce sac est vraiment superbe!!!!

  11. Beautiful lining and now your handbag is perfect! Would love to know where you found the handle?

  12. Very Nice blog and post you wrote, love all these bags and bohemian style.

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  13. Hi, I am trying to find a pattern for this bag. This purse was featured in simply knitting magazine June 2009. Do you know where I can get it?

  14. Hi Wink, this is so beautiful! I’m attempting to make my own at the moment and I was just wondering if you blocked your squares? If so, which method did you use? Thanks, Abbe x

  15. You are very talented and sweet to share this. Thank you.